Big Brother 19 player Cody Nickson said he only likes Jessica Graf

‘BB19’: Cody Nickson Explains His ‘Alex’ Slip-Up, Says He Only Has Feelings For Jessica

Big Brother 19‘s Cody Nickson says he really wishes viewers didn’t notice that he called his reality TV girlfriend, Jessica Graf, by the wrong name when they were talking strategy while laying in bed together a few weeks ago. Nickson, who famously called Jessica “Alex” when they were cuddling in bed, knows the incident will come back to haunt him in the real world.

In an interview with TV Guide, Cody explained why he slipped up and called his Big Brother showmance “Alex” by mistake, and he reiterated he did not throw last week’s Power of Veto competition on purpose in an attempt to save fellow Big Brother contestant Alex Ow. Cody said Alex won that POV fair and square.

Cody Nickson said he’s not sure how it all came across to Big Brother fans, but he says he has nothing but respect for Alex. Cody described the powerhouse player as Wonder Woman and says there “hasn’t been a [female] competition player like Alex” in a long time on Big Brother.

“I respect her, I respect her as a competitor,” Cody told TV Guide.

“I don’t have any feelings towards her or anything like that. If that was the indication in the sense that I called Jessica ‘Alex’ one time, that’s not the case at all. My feels are straight-up towards Jessica, not Alex in that way.”

Cody knows the “Alex” incident was blown out of portion after live feed viewers caught it, and he says he doesn’t think Jessica even noticed he said it. Unfortunately, viewers did notice and it was all over social media after it happened, so he will have some explaining to do once his lady love sees the Big Brother footage.

“I hate that you guys noticed,” Nickson said of his faux pas.

“She did not, unless someone said something to her, I don’t think she noticed. She’ll notice after the damn show now. Constantly, we were just talking about everyone in the house, so I’m sure Alex was the subject at some point, so yeah, it blurted out, but I recovered well from it. Pretty sure I did.”

There has been a lot of speculation as to Cody’s true feelings for Alex — Big Brother host Julie Chen even told Entertainment Weekly she thought Cody was “slowly” falling in love with Alex despite his very public showmance with Jessica. But on his way out the Big Brother door, Cody asked Jessica to be his girlfriend. For real, not just for reality TV. During his exit interview with Chen, Cody said he would “absolutely” like to pursue a relationship with Jessica outside of the Big Brother house.

Although he now has a one-in-four chance of returning to the game with next week’s Battle Back competition, Nickson said he thinks his girl will be “better off” without him in the house. Cody revealed that Jessica has called him “the worst player in Big Brother history.”

“She’s mad at every decision I’ve made in this game,” Nickson told Chen. “She’s called me that multiple times. Her game is going to be a lot better without me, I guarantee it.”

Big Brother 19 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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