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Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Granted 50/50 Custody Of Daughter Dream

The Internet erupted after former partners Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian went nuclear on one another, and it ended with Chyna getting a restraining order on her former fiance. Blac Chyna was horrified when Rob posted her nude photos online without her permission, and while he claims it was to show people that he paid over $100,000 for her surgeries, the law sees it as “revenge porn.”

Many wondered what would happen to their infant daughter, Dream, in all of the drama. Both Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian threatened to gain full custody in the heat of the moment, but it doesn’t look like that actually occurred.

The pair agreed to a 50/50 custody agreement of the infant. The pair has not yet made a verbal agreement, but they plan to work out the details rather soon. They will also work out a written agreement in the days to come to ensure that there is something in writing so neither party can violate the order.

Blac Chyna was recently granted a restraining order on her ex from the court system after she and her high-powered attorney, Lisa Bloom, went to court on the matter. According to Bloom, Kardashian committed a crime by posting her nudes online without her permission.

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Some legal experts, however, state that if Kris Jenner does not find the custody arrangement between her son and his ex satisfying, she may ask for “grandparents rights” for Dream, stating that she finds both parties to not be of sound judgment. Kris Jenner is a close family member by legal definition and already has an outstanding relationship with Dream. It is possible Kris might seek full legal custody of the infant, but she has not made a move to do so at the moment.

During his social media tirade, Rob Kardashian blasted Blac Chyna, stating that she had slept with other men in their house and in the bed the pair shared.

According to Rob Kardashian, she had also slept with other men while baby Dream was in the house, which had enraged the famous sock designer. Blac Chyna, however, states that the pair has been broken up since December of 2016 after an altercation that became physical.

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