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‘I Am Jazz’ News: Is Jazz Jennings Ready To Date?

This season on I Am Jazz, fans are watching Jazz Jennings really grow up and change in a lot of ways. She is looking into getting bottom surgery and even talking about dating. TLC went to their YouTube channel to share a video clip and everyone is wondering if Jazz is ready to start dating or not.

In the clip, Jazz Jennings is talking to her friend Skylar about dating. Skylar is dating a guy named Matt and so she can help give Jazz a bit of advice. Skylar explains that they go out to eat or just hang out with her friends when they spend time together. Jazz starts asking her whether things were a bit awkward for them at first. You can tell that Jazz wants to get a feel on what it would be like to date someone.

Jazz does admit that she gets a bit jealous when she listens to Skylar talk about Matt and how they are doing. Jazz hasn’t been really dating yet and she isn’t getting to experience this part of life like other teenagers do. Of course, Jazz will start dating eventually, but she just might not be quite ready for it.

Recently, Jazz met a new guy, but she isn’t thinking much of it. So far, it doesn’t sound like this is going to end up being her first boyfriend. Skylar thinks that she is playing matchmaker with these two and they may end up together. They are all going ice skating and Jazz doesn’t like the pressure that is making it seem like she should date him. The first time that Jazz met Shane, they got along, but it didn’t really look like a perfect love match for these two.

Do you feel like Jazz Jennings is ready to start dating? Do you think that it will happen pretty soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of I Am Jazz when they air on TLC on Wednesday nights. This week you will get to see how Jazz going ice skating with Shane goes and if she is ready to start dating or not.

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