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The Bold And The Beautiful Recaps: Baker And Brooke Want RJ And Coco To Tell The Truth

The Bold And The Beautiful recap for Monday, July 10, 2017, focuses on the aftermath of RJ’s car accident. Be warned, the remainder of this article contains open spoilers for that day’s episode, courtesy of

At The Hospital, Baker and Brooke Urge Coco And RJ To Come Clean

In the aftermath of RJ’s accident, his friends and family are understandably nervous about his injuries. Fortunately, the doctor says that RJ only had a mild concussion and will make a full recovery. Brooke then asks to be left alone with RJ. Since this is a soap opera, you can bet that Coco listens in from outside the room.

Coco’s eavesdropping is interrupted by a phone call from Sally. She admits she was driving and says, “It never should have happened.”

Back inside the hospital room, Lt. Baker presses for answers. Just before RJ is about to answer, Coco steps up.

“I was driving. It was my fault.”

Bake suspects there’s more to the story but lets Brooke do the talking. Pressing Coco, she (Brooke) finally gets her (Coco) to admit to texting while driving. Sobbing, she fesses up.

“Yes. I was texting.”

Baker vows that Coco hasn’t seen the last of him and that she will face repercussions for texting while driving. Coco apologizes to RJ.

Back At Spectra…

Thomas learns that RJ is going to be OK. Meanwhile, Sally plans what she’s going to say to Coco the next time they’re face-to-face. Sally, meanwhile, considers long and hard how everybody’s lives almost changed thanks to a single moment of inattention. She and Thomas talk things out, and Thomas promises that he wants to make sure Sally is happy.

Just as Sally starts to think that, maybe, things might be going her way, Caroline calls, looking for Thomas. The call leaves Sally afraid that her fears of being alone are about to come true.

Looking Towards The Remainder Of The Week

Meanwhile, CBS has revealed a few small glimpses into what will happen in the coming week.

  • Tuesday: Caroline and Douglas go to L.A. to visit Thomas; Charlie considers Sheila’s offer.
  • Wednesday: Steffy wants to reunite Thomas and Caroline, Bill wants to help; Eric leaves home.
  • Thursday: Sheila faces Quinn; Sally worries about the relationship between Thomas and Caroline.
  • Friday: Caroline tells Thomas that she regrets leaving him; Steffy and Liam continue their search for Eric, not knowing that he’s hiding with Sheila.

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