Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato are going head to head with their new songs amid their feud

Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato Urged To End Rivalry As They Go Head To Head

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are about to go head to head amid their longstanding rivalry, but the stars and their fans are instead being urged to put an end to the drama and support one another.

Fans noted that both pop stars – who have had a very rocky friendship since they became friends at a very young age – are set to release their new singles this week, which seemed to reignite the nasty rivalry that’s been going on between their fans for years.

While Lovato recently announced that her new single “Sorry Not Sorry” would drop on July 11, Selena confirmed that her new song “Fetish” would be released on July 13. That means the two will be going head to head on the charts.

Followers were quick to notice the interesting timing and suggested that the release schedules could have been intentional because the former friends haven’t exactly been on the best terms for the past few years.

Social media users accused the two of copying each other and even claimed that Lovato and Gomez might have been attempting to sabotage one another by releasing their new singles at the same time.

However, while fans of Selena and Demi were quick to throw shade, a more supportive environment may actually have been forged between the stars’ fans amid the single releases, despite their longstanding rivalry.

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Urged To End Rivalry As They Go Head To Head With New Songs
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Rather than stirring up more drama, some social media users encouraged others to support both artists in the name of feminism and be happy that two strong females are making their way in the music world.

“Demi & Selena are dropping something. Support WOMEN instead of degrading them & let them rule the charts over men!” @Sober_King wrote on Twitter, urging fans of both artists to support both Lovato and Gomez as they drop their new songs “Fetish” and “Sorry Not Sorry” this week.

“Support BOTH Demi & Selena’s new music,” @ButeraDemetria added in an attempt to end Lovato and Gomez being pitted against one another as they gear up to drop their new singles. “I been tired of y’all drama. It’s unnecessary. I need women to be winning, NOT competing.”

So it looks like their followers’ urges to support both women has even spread to Demi and Selena themselves ahead of their upcoming single releases.

Despite Demi seemingly suggesting just this past April that the former best friends still weren’t on the best terms, it looks like there’s now a chance that her and Selena’s friendship could soon be back on.

Back in June, fans claimed that Demi appeared to reference Gomez by alluding to her 2015 single “Kill ’em with Kindness” on her Instagram page, which may have suggested the two would be willing to reconcile their once close friendship.

Are Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez friends againas they release new singles?
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“Kill em with kindness…. or choke em with a smile on your face,” she joked in the caption of the photo, which showed her jokingly putting her hand around a man’s throat.

Instagram users then flooded the comments section with their friendship name, “Delena,” and encouraged the two to put the past behind them and end their years-long feud.

Gomez also appeared to suggest that she too is ready to put the bad blood behind her and get back on friendly terms with Lovato. Selena responded to the speculation that they could be getting friendly again by adding her former friend’s song to a Spotify playlist she created.

Have Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez ended their years long feud?
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Shady Music Facts reported on July 6 that Selena had created a playlist for her fans titled “Me & My Girls” and included the track “No Promises,” a collaboration by Demi and Cheat Codes, to the song collection.

A fan then alerted Lovato to Gomez’s sweet gesture on Twitter and the star reportedly then liked the tweet, seemingly suggesting there could be hope for a reconciliation despite the twosome going head to head with their new singles.

What do you think of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez fans encouraging each other to support both artists in the name of feminism instead of pitting them against one another?

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