angelina jolie life after brad pitt divorce

Angelina Jolie’s Life Hasn’t Changed After Brad Pitt Divorce Filing, Her Plans To Move Forward Post-Split

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt back in September, but according to reports, though the process will soon be finalized, nothing drastic has changed about the actress’s everyday lifestyle.

According to Hollywood Life, while Angelina Jolie was devastated by the split from the man she had spent close to 12 years with, she’s handled the breakup very well, to the point where one wouldn’t even have thought she’s going through a divorce.

A source explains, making it known that Angelina Jolie’s lifestyle hasn’t changed that much.

She’s completely focused on raising her six children and being the best mother she can possibly be, with no current plans to date anytime soon.

Adjusting to the fact that Brad Pitt was no longer going to be under the same roof as Angelina Jolie and the children took a while to get used to, but now, the Hollywood star is said to be back to living her life under normal circumstances.

Having been bombarded with headlines claiming that Angelina Jolie was purely at fault for the marriage downfall, things have drastically shifted ever since Brad partook in an interview with GQ, revealing that he had been battling an addiction to alcohol.

The actor strongly hints that his alcohol addiction played a significant part as to why Angelina Jolie ended up calling it quits and reportedly demanded full custody of all six children.

In the first couple of weeks following the news that Angelina Jolie wanted out of the marriage, the couple was on bad terms with one another, as Brad allegedly tried ever-so-hard to make things right with his estranged wife.

It’s been said that the duo is close friends now, and regarding Angelina Jolie’s initial plan to seek full custodial rights of the kids she shares with Brad, it’s believed that her mindset completely changed upon hearing that Pitt has been seeing a therapist at least three times a week.

Sources conclude by saying that Angelina Jolie has handled the divorce exceptionally well, with her only focus being surrounded by her children and figuring out a way in which she and Brad can co-parent their kids together in the most effective way possible.

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