Jinger Duggar Wears Pants And Shoot A Gun

Jinger Duggar Shoots Guns With Jeremy Vuolo While Wearing Pants: Jessa Is Also A Fan Of Firearms

Jinger Duggar has fans losing their minds over her latest Instagram photo. The Counting On star isn’t just enjoying the freedom to wear pants now that she’s a married woman; she’s also embracing her right to bear arms.

On Saturday afternoon, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, decided to brave the Laredo, Texas, heat so that they could pack heat at a local gun range. For their outdoor date, Jinger kept it casual by wearing a pair of form-fitting black pants, a faded T-shirt, and a black baseball cap. She protected her hearing by accessorizing her outfit with a pair of pink earmuffs.

In a photo that the Duggar daughter shared on her Instagram page, she’s grinning at the camera while showing off a bullet-ridden target. There are quite a few holes in the center of the target, as well as in the human figure’s head, so Jinger seems to have pretty good aim.

“Ready! Aim! Fire!” she captioned the snapshot.

Most of Jinger Duggar’s Instagram followers didn’t comment on the gun in her hands; they were too focused on what she was wearing.

“Pants??? I LOVE IT,” wrote one fan.

“Pants!!!!! Why am I so excited to see you in them lol,” commented another.

"Ready! Aim! Fire!"

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Jinger has been photographed wearing pants about half a dozen times now, but some fans just can’t seem to get over seeing her in them. This is because she and the other Duggar girls adhered to their parents’ strict dress code for many years before one of them finally decided to rebel against the rules. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s belief that women should not wear pants is based on a Bible verse that says that “God detests” women who wear men’s clothing.

Jinger Duggar’s fashion rules changed after she got married and was granted a little more freedom by Jeremy Vuolo, but there were certain occasions that her parents allowed her to wear pants while she was still living under their roof. As Alloy reports, she actually wore a pair of camouflage pants in a 2012 episode of 19 Kids and Counting. Jinger was also filmed carrying a gun when Jim Bob Duggar and his hunting buddies, Smitty and Spook, took her with them on an outing to shoot turkey. The group prepared for the hunt by doing a little target practice.

“I guess you feel like you have a lot of control and power when you’re behind this huge gun,” Jinger said of the experience. “It was just loads of fun, attempting to shoot the target.”

However, things got awkward when Jinger Duggar realized that they were hunting turkey because it was mating season; Jim Bob tried to give his daughter the sex talk by comparing the male gobblers to human boys.

While most Duggar fans seem fine with Jinger shooting a handgun, their response to the photo of her pastor husband holding a much larger firearm wasn’t as positive.

Target practice at the shooting range with my sharp shooter hubby @jeremy_vuolo

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“I can’t understand how such godly people would even pick up a gun?” wrote one fan.

“I don’t think God likes guns,” commented another.

However, the Duggar family certainly loves their guns. As Radar Online reports, Jinger’s older sister, Jessa, was criticized for grabbing a rifle and posing for a photo with the firearm while she and her husband, Ben Seewald, were still courting. Jim Bob responded to the backlash by saying that he thinks that it’s important for kids to learn gun and knife safety. He also argued that owning a firearm is a constitutional right.

Jinger Duggar’s latest gun photos have sparked another debate over whether it’s a good or bad thing that the Duggars are fans of firearms, but there’s one thing most of the Counting On star’s Instagram followers seem to agree on: She has better aim than Jeremy Vuolo.

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