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Marine Jailed In Mexico Losing Hope, Facing 12 Years In Misunderstanding

marine jailed in mexico

A Marine jailed in Mexico is “losing hope” after a road trip to Costa Rica resulted in what has been described as a catastrophic misunderstanding and imprisonment — and his family has begged for intervention in the case of the vet’s jailing.

27-year-old Jon Hammar is the Marine jailed in Mexico, and his family describes how what was an attempt to restore an antique firearm resulted in the young American vet being chained to a bed, languishing in a Mexican prison. Hammar wasn’t in the wrong as far as being above board and fully honest goes — US Customs and Border Protection even okayed the weapon as he crossed over from Texas to Mexico with a buddy with hopes of restoring the piece.

That was four months ago — and the Marine has been jailed in Mexico ever since. Mom Olivia Hammar, 46, says an inch of length on the too-short barrel is what caused the horrible mix-up. She explains:

“The crux of it is the length of the barrel … There’s an old law on the books that says it can’t be under 25 inches…It’s a 2-foot barrel…It’s strictly a technicality. It’s a glorified BB gun.”

While the story of the Marine jailed in Mexico is tragic, the tale takes an even darker turn, as Hammar’s family explains that their son has been remanded to a corrupt prison and even threatened with death should the family ignore requests to extort them. The New York Daily News explains:

“But the nightmare was just beginning for Hammar, who on Aug. 20 was charged with carrying a deadly weapon and placed in a prison known as CEDES in Matamoros, a notorious facility heavily populated, and run, by Mexico’s dangerous drug cartels … His parents have even received late night phone calls saying he would be killed if they failed to make thousands of dollars in payments into a Western Union account.”

Thus far, US officials have only managed to get the Marine jailed in Mexico placed in solitary to protect him — but have yet to broker a release. However, US Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) spoke about Hammar’s plight on the Senate floor Tuesday, calling upon the government of Mexico to release the vet immediately.

Pictured: US troops in Afghanistan

Nelson pled:

“The Mexican authorities, if it is against the law to take a gun in, even though he had already declared it at U.S. customs, the Mexican authorities could have … sent him back into the United States and told him, ‘Don’t bring your great-grandfather’s shotgun into Mexico.’ … They have put a United States Marine, who has honorably served his country, in a Mexican jail since last August. Now, enough is enough.”

The Marine jailed in Mexico faces 12 years in the country’s prisons if convicted.

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74 Responses to “Marine Jailed In Mexico Losing Hope, Facing 12 Years In Misunderstanding”

  1. Bev Stone

    It would be nice if our goverment could and would stand up to Mexico and say if your people come over here they will rot in our jails for twelve years but Obama does not have the balls to get involed, it's to dam bad it's not one of his girls and thenyou would see the shit fly.

  2. John Scherer

    you are not telling the whole story! or the truthg at all. I lived in matamoroes and now live in tijuana before you cross into matamoroes you see a massive sign that crosses the whole road! it says warning taking firearms into mexico is punishable by prison! simple so he never cleared it with us custome because that customs is going the wrong way see he crossed into mexico with it where he needed mexican permition and as well all know by the only warning you get going into mexico is you better niot have a gun! if you do you go to prison where he is lawfully now! same as drugs americans go there to buy drugs and get rich and go to jail what you think for? you people live in a fairy tale where mexico has a one horse town and a donkey WAKE UP! they arrest and imprison many mexicans every day for drugs and guns they don't want the problem here! and you have and american who cant read letters about 5 foot tall each saying don't dare take a gun to mexico? and exspect them to just say ok american our laws don't pertain to you? its why the warning sign in on the usa side of the boarder to warn you! but since people say it was just a lawful mistake? there is no law saying you can bring a gun into mexico being an alien american except do it and go to prison! and is why he is in prison lol they do military searches here in mexico they search cars for guns and drugs he got caught lol he should have shipped it federalm exspress and been a free man.

  3. Patrick Field

    If this is true, then why isn't our attorney general in a Mexican prison for selling arms to Mexican cartels? I am sure the exchange took place south of the border.

  4. Robert Sickinger

    To badf Mexico dosen't send them back as quick as the US dose.

  5. John Scherer

    zerk robertsons go to hell you foolish brainwashed idiot he broke the law in mexico now everyone want to talk stupid crap its illegal moron mexican go to usa break the law and go to jail same here jackwagon get a life looser i am american there are 100 of thousands of us american living here and all this shit talking about shooting mexicans and breaking them out will only put us law biding americans in danger fools

  6. John Scherer

    Zerk Robertson;_ylt=A2KJkeve0MhQszEA4.aJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+%3Cb%3Einto+Mexico+%3C%2Fb%3Eand+for+all+the+wrong+reasons+%E2%80%93+%3Cb%3EMexico+%3C%2Fb%3ETrucker+Online&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=6000cf75f73178ff0abb32c84f2eae4d&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=…%2B%253Cb%253Einto%2BMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253Eand%2Bfor%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bwrong%2Breasons%2B%25E2%2580%2593%2B%253Cb%253EMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253ETrucker%2BOnline&b=31&ni=96&no=31&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13th44n4e&sigb=13ul72gsi&sigi=13e0emm6m&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  7. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkCDM0MhQzTQA18SJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

  8. Kenneth Everett

    If the positions were reversed and a mexican citizen was arrested in the U.S. for the same charges there would be a outcry from the hispanic population. The mexican govt. should realize that they talk B.S. just like all government do. But they still have to be human and do the right thing and release Jon.

  9. John Scherer

    Zerk Robertson hey can you little pea brain comprehend these signs? can you read? or did you get the full gov education in which case you cant read and what you can read you cant understand see these massive signs just a few to show your stupid american ass its illegal an the americans warn you of this before you cross the dam boarder fool! you feel even more stupid now? its all lies idiot to get him out he took it there without permition get over it moron

  10. John Scherer

    mexicans get arrested every day in usa and put in prison or deported save your sob story this man knew he was breakling the law just by the dam signs right before you enter mexico saying its a felony to take guns and amunition into mexico! he broke the law they lied he did not and can not get usa permition to enter into mexico with it

  11. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkPdW0shQP3YA.l6JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+%3Cb%3Einto+Mexico+%3C%2Fb%3Eand+for+all+the+wrong+reasons+%E2%80%93+%3Cb%3EMexico+%3C%2Fb%3ETrucker+Online&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=6000cf75f73178ff0abb32c84f2eae4d&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=…%2B%253Cb%253Einto%2BMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253Eand%2Bfor%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bwrong%2Breasons%2B%25E2%2580%2593%2B%253Cb%253EMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253ETrucker%2BOnline&b=31&ni=96&no=31&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13th44n4e&sigb=13ul72gsi&sigi=13e0emm6m&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  12. Michael Varnal

    It seems to be that Mexican "macho" coming to the front here! Hey, he violated the law and the US is interested in getting him back! So let the Mexicans posture and fall back on "the law!" Ever deal with Mexican Federales – $50 and we'll overlook you hitting the painted rock that marks our roads! The Mexicans can't even fairly enforce their laws and love it when an American violates one of theirs! Being a border state when one of theirs violates our laws and makes it across the border the Mexican Government is quick to protect the offender. I saw if this kid is on active duty with the Marines – send in the Marines and get him back!

    Time to reinstitute Banana Republic politics! For drugs for illegal immigration, for not siding with the USA!

  13. John Scherer

    moron all the police here carry automatic weapons fool! you think you going to go to american style prison cut threw or drop into this building? you smoke meth? you smoking something cause you need the army and the marines to go get him and it means full war ok moron! you are brainwashed by the media mexico is nothing what you think it is just like this story nothing is the truth in it.

  14. John Scherer

    here is a picture of the sign going into mexico on the usa side! and only one of them there is allot of big and little ones.

  15. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkPdW0shQP3YA.l6JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+%3Cb%3Einto+Mexico+%3C%2Fb%3Eand+for+all+the+wrong+reasons+%E2%80%93+%3Cb%3EMexico+%3C%2Fb%3ETrucker+Online&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=6000cf75f73178ff0abb32c84f2eae4d&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=…%2B%253Cb%253Einto%2BMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253Eand%2Bfor%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bwrong%2Breasons%2B%25E2%2580%2593%2B%253Cb%253EMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253ETrucker%2BOnline&b=31&ni=96&no=31&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13th44n4e&sigb=13ul72gsi&sigi=13e0emm6m&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  16. Michael Varnal

    Right but Mexicans here are going to a palace compared to this Marine! Provide three meals a day, a bed, recreation, and some relative safety! Most of those same Mexicans are repeat offenders and are jailed for more serious crimes than a "gun violation"

  17. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkPdW0shQP3YA.l6JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+%3Cb%3Einto+Mexico+%3C%2Fb%3Eand+for+all+the+wrong+reasons+%E2%80%93+%3Cb%3EMexico+%3C%2Fb%3ETrucker+Online&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=6000cf75f73178ff0abb32c84f2eae4d&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=…%2B%253Cb%253Einto%2BMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253Eand%2Bfor%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bwrong%2Breasons%2B%25E2%2580%2593%2B%253Cb%253EMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253ETrucker%2BOnline&b=31&ni=96&no=31&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13th44n4e&sigb=13ul72gsi&sigi=13e0emm6m&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  18. Michael Varnal

    Suppose I should clarify it: spirit leaves the judge the ability to bend the law and letter means their is no interpretation but what is written. Wouldn't the USA be a great place for strict interpretation, but unfortunately in a democracy most laws are interpreted by "spirit", leaving you the ability to speak in court.

  19. Jim Johnson

    yet we let mexicans in our country illegally with more rights then the americans have. they get free phones , health care, money and food.

  20. John Scherer

    Michael Varnal;_ylt=A2KJkPdW0shQP3YA.l6JzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+%3Cb%3Einto+Mexico+%3C%2Fb%3Eand+for+all+the+wrong+reasons+%E2%80%93+%3Cb%3EMexico+%3C%2Fb%3ETrucker+Online&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=6000cf75f73178ff0abb32c84f2eae4d&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=…%2B%253Cb%253Einto%2BMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253Eand%2Bfor%2Ball%2Bthe%2Bwrong%2Breasons%2B%25E2%2580%2593%2B%253Cb%253EMexico%2B%253C%252Fb%253ETrucker%2BOnline&b=31&ni=96&no=31&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=13th44n4e&sigb=13ul72gsi&sigi=13e0emm6m&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  21. John Scherer

    Michael Varnal;_ylt=A2KJkK612MhQE2IAtkaJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?

  22. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkK612MhQE2IA00aJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+Black+Belt+Stitching+Wizard%3A+Quick+PhotoHunts&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=7d7f1ec36593b4ed25d02e5c5cdb056e&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=Dani…%2BBlack%2BBelt%2BStitching%2BWizard%253A%2BQuick%2BPhotoHunts&b=0&ni=96&no=30&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11q5dnuk1&sigb=13unaja30&sigi=12or2plik&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  23. John Scherer;_ylt=A2KJkK612MhQE2IA00aJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?…+Black+Belt+Stitching+Wizard%3A+Quick+PhotoHunts&p=sign+saying+no+guns+into+mexico&oid=7d7f1ec36593b4ed25d02e5c5cdb056e&fr2=piv-web&fr=ush-globalnews&tt=Dani…%2BBlack%2BBelt%2BStitching%2BWizard%253A%2BQuick%2BPhotoHunts&b=0&ni=96&no=30&ts=&tab=organic&sigr=11q5dnuk1&sigb=13unaja30&sigi=12or2plik&.crumb=dhZGj2.G95o

  24. Anonymous

    John Scherer Can't you all tell from his writing that he is a Black Man using Ebonics…

  25. Anonymous

    This should be stopped by Obama! You don't get him out no trade! Or snnd in the seals! That should be easy in Mexico!

  26. John Scherer

    first off the jails here prison are not as bad as people say they are not as good as usa but it was meant to punish people! ok! he knew he broke the law there is no way in hell he did not know i crossed the boarder to mexico from texas to california and every single one of then say no guns why do people thing there is military there mexican checking people? for what? drugs lol i know buy a kilo of cocain for 20k and take it to mexico and sell it for 10k you will be a millionare lol no they are there only for one thing guns and ammunition ok! he is as the media is a liar! if he came here and raped a 10 year old girl and said hey i am american for one thing we own the world and i have rights and i did not rape her she consented and besides she told me she was 18 would this matter? it would be like this all lies ok! save the people needing saved and let the criminals get what they deserver both in usa and mexico

  27. Dave Daniels

    Stupid is as stupid does. Calling a sawed off shotgun a "Glorified bye gun"? Talk about ignorance. I see where the kid got his brains(or lack of) from, LoL.

  28. Reta Lane

    You are right, John Scherer. There are signs everywhere and this young guy knew it.

  29. Ray Ancel

    I am getting tired of reading things like "have you served?" or "you don't have a right to say anything unless…"

    My RIGHTS come from God and are self-evident.

    People who think they can take away MY God given rights are behaving like Nazis. Yes, specifically, they behave like the Nazi concentration camp commander in Schindler's List.

    Remember him, the one, Amon Goeth who fancied himself saying "I bestow upon you!"

    Take a hike you Republican Nazi wannabees. You can't bestow anything upon me, for they have already been given to me, by a higher being!!

  30. Reta Lane

    This young guy was a former marine and supposely he was going on vacation but how many of us carry sawed off shotguns into other countries or on vacations. There are signs everywhere upon entering Mexico and in Mexico barring people from bringing guns in and states that the penalty is prison. He just thought he was above the law. I don't think he deserves 12 years but I think maybe American should be a lot tougher on our criminals. We are being taken over by criminals and gun toting people.

  31. Robert E. Bridges

    John Scherer- Just because there's a sign at the particular Mexican/US border you're familiar with that says "Warning: Taking firearms into Mexico is punishable by imprisonment," does not mean that the two Marines travelling into Mexico prior to being caught and prior to filling out the neccesary paperwork to legally travel within Mexico with said firearm, passed by that particular border entrance and were even aware of the sign you mentioned (as they're not posted at every border entrance). They entered Mexico via a border crossing far east of Matamoroes. John, again, they clearly asked the customs agents and border police if it was legally okay to bring the firearm into the country. They were given the proper paperwork to fill out, and had it checked out, before they left into Mexico, to legally carry the disassembeled gun into Mexico. PERIOD. You're a complete moron and Mexico is a complete mess. This is why the Mexican citizens constantly flee their country; people want out of there and the Mexican government does nothing to stop them because Mexico's 2nd largest source of capitol, or $$$, is all the Mexican citizens who've fled their country for a better life in America, who in turn send all the money they end up making in America right back into Mexico's economy. So, John, you're welcome!

  32. Joshua Osborne

    funny, they never mentioned the giant sign in the "feel bad for this guy" story

  33. John Scherer

    he was taking that gun there for other reasons if you look at the map to costa rica he needs to cross over guatamala honduras where they just got over a revolution and niceraugua what makes him think he could go all that way with a gun? and not sanely check the laws of other countrys? criminal americans come to mexico all the time hence lets rob a bank and go to mexico so the police are on a look out for felon americans wanting to come and cause problems here mexico is nothing what people think its so sad the gov just dont want americans here. i lived here one year and love it no problems at all

  34. Anonymous

    John, this man served his country honorably so you could make dumbass statements like this. Obviously this is a mixupmisunderstanding if he talked to the border about the weapon. I myself though am a former Marine and would love to stick this gun up your ass and pull the fucking trigger. You are a piece of shit to talk about this man like this. OOH RAH!!!!!

  35. Loren Estes

    Semper Fi Marine. Welcome to the real world. Where is your president when you need him? Careful when you go to some other country.

  36. Paul Wesley Miracle

    Thats fine he got charged, but to expect payment is outrageous. How about the mexicans start paying for every illegal we have to throw back? If you think its right to hold someone for an antique gun that obviously dont work your crazy. Now if he came in with ammo and loaded guns yeh, but he didnt. And customs should know the laws of the country and not cleared him. So your basically trapping our people to get us to give you more of our dollars then you already cost us. Sound like drug cartel has more control then the actual govt, and yall are to proud to admit it.

  37. Tom Gillespie

    Its unfortunate, but thank you for making the story much clearer and explaining the simple fact that yes it does say dont carry fire arms into the country

  38. Manuel Gonzales

    I think he is full of shit who cares he is a vet I am vet also I am mexican american I would never take a gun into mexico even if I was clear with us customs but he was clear with mexicans customs he should have gone to the mexicans customs frist and ask perrmisson. white people think they can do anything in mexico just because they are white bs.

  39. Don White

    I wouldn't take a SQUIRT GUN into mexico how many times do AMERICANS need to be told DO NOT GO TO MEXICO I live on the border of south Texas all my Mexican friends wont go why would he.I believe in the MARINES all the way but that was a STUPID thing to do I hope he LIVES through this UNREAL.

  40. Anonymous

    This guy is ignorant, stupid, or someone who thinks that playing stupid you can get away with breaking the law. Here is a word many people like over here: Illegal. It is illegal to carry, or transport guns/ammo into Mejico, Pendejo! Like Beretta used to say: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". you committed the crime, now do the time. Case closed. All this talk about him being a Marine, or ex-Marine, has nothing to do with breaking the law. How many Vets end up in American prisons every day, for committing all sorts of crimes? The answer is in the thousands, and nobody is crying over them, demanding they be relesed. Why? Because they broke the law! Why is it that many Americans think they can just go into a foreign country and do as they please, ignoring the laws of that country? They are used to being rescued by their mommies and Daddies, and that is exactly why they don't grow up. Many end up living with their parents well into their 40s or worse. Sorry, he must do the time. No special treatment. This ain't Monopoly Jack! No get-out-of-jail-free card here.

  41. Marc Conder

    I live in Texas, along the border with Mexico. Several people have offered up opinions as to what this man might/could have/or should have done. Now, he is imprisioned in a lawless country, where every policeman, every military man and every civil, servant has to be payed in order to get anything done. Graft, corruption and bribes are a way of life in Mexico. Justice is non -existant and the family must now play Mexico's game. Time to speak to the govenor of the state, thru your Mexican lawyer, ascertain what it will cost in cash to get that foolish young man out of prison, and on this side of the border. Then be prepared to pay, no matter the cost. I have friends, relatives and extended family all in northern Mexico, we can not go there to visit, they can not aknowledge us as family, or they will be kidnapped, and we will be extorted the same way the prison guards are trying to get to this former Marine's family. Mexico is no place for any law abiding foriegner, let alone one who has broken both the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law.

  42. Jim Boness

    The outcry stems from the lack of discretion in Mexican law, barbaric punishments in Mexican law and inhumane conditions in Mexican prisons. Should the guy be punished? Maybe so, if he broke the law, but even having to do his time, he shouldn't be subjected to those conditions. Loss of liberty should be enough.

    Anyways, the whole country of Mexico needs to be scrubbed clean and re-started. Its a cesspool of degradation and misery. The whole world, and especially the United States, would be better off if it did. Its a shame for a country and a government to allow its borders to become what Mexico has.

  43. Richard Bragg

    please. i could mount an op with the girl scouts of america against mexican prison guards and bunch of federalis. do even try to compare them to an american military force. In the end the US will simply buy this mans freedom or extange him for one of several high ranking drug cartel members we currently hold.
    thats politics pure and simple.

  44. Kimberly A. Kanoza Ralph

    Well said Robert!! I am Praying for his safe release!! John, are you an engineer….LIFE IS NOT ALL BLACK AND WHITE!!! Praying for you too.

  45. Tim Belczak

    Dear Jon Hammer, I am sorry to hear about your situation in Mexico in regards to all that you have been through as a marine. I have had my own personal bad experience on the bordert of Mexico. You gotta understand their laws. I pray that you will get out okay.

  46. Steve Finley

    In other words, we can't believe it that 1) other countries would enforce their laws, no matter how ignorant we are of them; and 2) bad things can happen to U.S. citizens in Mexico. I thought everybody knew that by now.

  47. Robert Johnson


  48. Robert Wright

    This AMERICAN MARINE needs to release from that filty Mexican prison now. Obama will not do a damn thing because ths young man is a marine. And as for that sign well the mexicans know it is illegal to cross into this country but they do anyway and stay. But this marine does not deserve what the Mexican goverment is and has done to him. If I was president I would tell the Mexican goverment ether release this marine or we are coming to get him and if you get in the way then you will get yourself hurt. And as for the idiot that said this marine is a former marine you do not know a damn thing. There is no sure thing as a former marine..once a marine, always a MARINE.

  49. Henry Rollings

    Hey, you know in Mexico possession of cocaine for personal use is legal, right? I take it since they're fine in that country, then they can legally come here with as much as they can get away with in their country, yeah? After all, it's not like they can read the signs or even know a damn bit of history about the country's position. They even asked their custom agent who told it they were alright…

    Asking an American agent means nothing. You get the paperwork directly from Mexico. You leave your gun behind. You don't even think about bringing it until you get permission. That is unless you want to test your luck and bet 30 years of your life. This former marine made a huge mistake. There's no reason for his sentence but the laws in Mexico are severe when it comes to illegal possession of firearms.

  50. Daniel Dancer

    I am confused……..So we have people who hop are borders and we do what to them when they work illegally? They are not even hero's or no what its like to serve there Country. That fact is Simple hes a Freaking American and even more a freaking Marine if anyone of you were trapped some where in any land high or low or far away hell if a Zombie War broke out he would fight for you useless people. Some of you people are stupid. He made a mistake we all make mistakes. Trying to restore Honor to a old weapon that was passed down, That's all it was.

  51. Janie Ring Torres-Sheehan

    They were taking an antique rifle to to be restored and had the paperwork from American Customs to give the Mexican Customs. This is so clearly a case of corrupt cops/stupid custom officials trying to make money off this young marine and his family. It would be like asking the airlines for directions on transporting an antique gun to another state to be repaired (disassemble it? have different parts in different pieces of luggage or boxes?) and then after following their directions, being arrested for transporting a firearm. You need to quit trying so hard to make anything an American does be the wrong thing and to stop accusing this young marine, and his friend and family AND our American Custom officials who backed up his story and stating they provided him with the paperwork to give Mexican officials, of being a liar.

  52. Janie Ring Torres-Sheehan

    Try reading each word SLOWLY. The American customs officials did not give him permission or say they gave him permission to take the antique rifle to Mexico; They said they helped the marine with the correct paperwork to give to Mexican authorities showing permission was being asked to bring this gun into Mexico to have it restored. This young man did or tried to do everything legally and on the up & up; it was the corrupt Mexican officials who, instead of either granting him permission or denying permission and sending him back to America, arrested him and then the other officials began their extortion of his parents for thousands of dollars.

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