Mackenzie Standifer Blames Maci Bookout For Exploiting Her Husband

Mackenzie Standifer Blames Maci Bookout For Exploiting Her Husband

Mackenzie Standifer was a Teen Mom OG staple this past season. She was in a relationship with Ryan Edwards, and now, the two are officially married. The season finale showcased the couple headed to get married quickly in front of an aquarium in Tennessee. Standifer spoke about the quick marriage being about helping her husband get more time with his son, but it appears it was done to get Edwards into rehab and on the road to recovery. The footage from the drive there had to be prefaced with a warning about disturbing images, and viewers were mortified by what they saw.

The first part of the Teen Mom OG reunion special featured Mackenzie Standifer facing Maci Bookout. It was a pretty intense exchange, one that still has fans talking days later. According to the Ashley, Mackenzie Standifer blames Maci Bookout for exploiting her husband and humiliating the entire Edwards family on television. She had a note she wrote to Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, and she read it on the special. Standifer accused Bookout of using this storyline to further her own agenda. Fans have been going off on social media, backing the Teen Mom OG star and slamming Ryan’s new wife. After watching several episodes this season, many believe there is no way the drug issue could have been ignored.

This story has been getting a lot of attention from viewers. Teen Mom OG fans have been speculating for a while that Ryan Edwards was experiencing substance abuse issues. His eyes were bugged out during several scenes, and his actions threw up red flags. Mackenzie Standifer said that she had only known about the issues two days before her husband going to rehab, which was ironically around the time the two got married. The blame game has been happening for several weeks now. When Edwards exited treatment and spent the weekend with Standifer, he threw some heavy shade at Maci Bookout on Instagram. It appears that she is going to be the one the family blames for the issues they are experiencing, despite her attempts to help her son’s father.

Maci Bookout was seen trying to get the tools she needed to help Bentley’s father get help. She revealed that she had approached his mom about the issue, but she was shut down. Bookout spoke candidly to Dr. Drew Pinsky, revealing that Edwards had also been in treatment before for a similar issue. Mackenzie Standifer is dead set on blaming Bookout, accusing her of exploiting Ryan and the entire family.

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