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Sean Penn At Hugo Chavez Vigil, Praises Ailing Leader

penn at chavez vigil

Actor Sean Penn appeared at a vigil for Hugo Chavez, expressing good wishes for the Venezuelan President at the candlelight event in La Paz on Monday.

Penn was at the Chavez vigil to show support for the ailing socialist leader, appearing at the December 10 event in Bolivia and speaking words of praise through a translator.

At the Chavez vigil, Penn spoke highly of his friend and political ally, telling those in attendance that the President is an important force in world politics as well as a personal friend. Penn started:

“We admire President Chavez. For his courage. For his fair mindedness … He is one of the most important forces that we have on this planet. And I will wish him nothing but that great strength that he showed over and over again. I do it in love and I do it in gratitude.”

Penn also spoke of Chavez’s influence on him as an American, adding:

“I just want to say that from a very American point of view of my friend President Chavez, it is only possible to be as inspiring as he is – as a two way street … And he would say that his inspiration is the people.”

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Penn’s presence at the Chavez vigil followed the leader’s third set of treatments for cancer — forcing the the Venezuelan President to continue therapy.

Chavez underwent the treatment in Havana while Penn and supporters gathered in Bolivia to wish him well — the actor had been visiting the country to support American jailed in the country on charges of corruption, Jacob Ostreicher.

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39 Responses to “Sean Penn At Hugo Chavez Vigil, Praises Ailing Leader”

  1. John Gaonach

    nice you idolize a man who is so anti american, and you always mansge to get accsess to all our enimies… you must really suck up thr administration or state dept to travel this freely go back to ordering pizza in high school.

  2. Anonymous

    Pennsky, stay in Venezuela with the other reds… you are a total loser!

  3. Anonymous

    Penn, you remind me of that traitor… I refuse to say her name, but you know who it is. She's the witch who made believe she was shooting down US planes in Vietnam.

  4. Cathy Colarusso

    Sean, why don't you take Hugo's place if he dies? This country won't miss you, traitor..

  5. Cathy Colarusso

    Sean, there are thousands of Americans who do not have homes to go to due to Storm Sandy….haven't seen you row boating on the Jersey Shore or Staten Island. Charity begins at home.

  6. Anonymous

    Sean has helped get the hikers in Iran released and was in Venezuela to try to get Americans release. These are good deeds. What Sean doesn't realize is that these enemies of the US are using him and his celebrity to gain support from other Penn followers in Hollywood who will speak out. Its great advertisement for them and it only costs them a few hostages. Sean is a puppet but his ego won't let him see it.

  7. Oscar Gomez-Montes

    I prey that the Good Lord takes him.Chavez is such a "great"person (LOL) that he should not have to suffer the pains of being on this Earth.Senn Penn will probably portrait Chavez in the next biopic (LOL).On the aside, Senn Penn looks terrible.He looks like a homeless.Anyway he loves Chavez so much, he should join him in netherland (LOL).

  8. Bill Martin

    Sean Penn? Wonder who he thinks he is? is he really delusional enough to.
    believe that his opinion matters to anyone but himself?

  9. Kathy Cedola

    Americans stop attending his films! take away his funds one step at a time, although i am sure he has his money in Venzueela,so Obamas new tax plan will be avoided.

  10. Morey Ladini

    Gracias Commrade Sean,

    Your warm, Cosmopolitian wishes are most appreciated. I am sorry that I did not have a new Che T-Shirt to present you on your last visit. But I've found an old Stalin T-Shirt that I think may perfectly fit you.

    Your Presendente for Life,

  11. Victor Morgado

    Sean mentioned already that he was there because the person in question was a personal friend…that takes priority over victims of any other country either hurt by Sandy or not…

  12. Victor Morgado

    that was precisely the attitude towards Hollywood during the 1950s McArthy black list…I guess that american attitude has not changed a bit in half a century ( which is a creepy thing! , considering what the mentality against which Martin Luther King was fighting against back then is still alive and well in such -Attitude-…

  13. MaryAlice Hussong

    He likes America, because here he can make millions of dollars living as an actor. If he was smart enough to understand what socialism is, then he wouldn't be singing the praises of Chavez.

  14. Tommy Carpenter

    there is no place in amerIca for soc. or communists, many of us have fought them and died. people should not go to any of his movies and shun him from out country.

  15. John Dunavant

    sean penn full of his own press clippings this so called actor is not relevant nor significant and by the way penn chavez is a DICTATOR. nothing more and nothing less.

  16. Rob Billeaud

    I love how these celebs (e.g. Penn, Moore, Belefonte, Glover, etc.) fawn over dictators like Chavez and Castro, but you never see anything about wanting to move to Cuba or Venezuela. No, they think it's much better to mouth off here about how great those places are because they know that here the freedom to do so is protected. They would NEVER move to one of those places because they know that their freedom of speech would be severely curtailed. They don't really believe what they say, they're like Madonna, just trying to be outragous to revive their dying careers.

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