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Hillary Clinton Ill: Secretary Of State Cancels Middle East Trip

Hillary Clinton Ill, Cancels Morocco Trip

Hillary Clinton is ill and has been forced to cancel her trip to Morocco this week to meet about the future of Syria’s opposition.

The State Department announced Clinton’s illness and the canceled trip on Monday, reports Yahoo! News. Instead of her attending, Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns will travel in her place.

Phillipe Reines, the State Department’s spokesman, stated:

“Since she’s still under the weather, we’ll be staying put this week instead of heading to North Africa and the Middle East as originally planned. In her place, Deputy Secretary Burns will travel to Marrakech for the Friends of the Syrian People meeting.”

Reines added that the Department will inform the public when Hillary Clinton is over her illness and can resume a public schedule. The secretary of state was due to meet other foreign ministers from allied nations in Morocco where they will discuss the 20-month old Syrian crisis.

The Telegraph notes that the Morocco meeting will likely focus on new moves to strengthen and legitimize the recently formed Syrian opposition coalition. Clinton is expected to announce formal US recognition of the group as “the legitimate representative” of the Syrian people soon.

The endorsement by Clinton would likely help pave the way for the group to become a government-in-waiting and also allow it to receive more US humanitarian aid for the massive humanitarian crisis spilling into neighboring countries.

The Secretary of State has kept a busy schedule in what is expected to be her final weeks as the US Secretary of State. She returned to the US late on Friday from a trip to Europe where she met with NATO foreign ministers in Brussels. After she is recovered from her illness, Hillary Clinton is expected to travel to Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

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6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Ill: Secretary Of State Cancels Middle East Trip”

  1. Sindy Finn

    Hilary needs to take a break she has been working herself into the ground. she fell asleep at a big meeting not so long ago. Take a long rest Hilary your health is most important too.

  2. Paul G. DeCroix

    Now I am worried about America's girl. Get well Hillary. America loves yah!

  3. Anonymous

    Hillary please take a break, I was just commenting to someone how you were looking ill and tired, You have done a great job, please stay well and get back to your appearance. Appearance is one of the first signs of illness, comb and style your hair and put non your light cosmetics. You are beautiful.

  4. Valerie Hall Turner

    She's probably the hardest working person in the administration. I hope nothing is seriously wrong. I wonder because my guess is that she's worked through viruses before. For her to stay home, it must be really bad.

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