Anna Duggar Celebrates Her Birthday And Her Engagement Anniversary

Anna Duggar Gets Birthday Wishes From In-Laws, Fans Think She Deserves Better

Anna Duggar recently celebrated her birthday, but some of her fans found it hard to feel happy for her on the special occasion.

Anna Duggar turned 29 on June 23, and the Duggar Family Blog reports that the date isn’t just meaningful to the Counting On star because it’s her birthday; it’s also the day that Josh Duggar, 29, proposed to her. Josh’s proposal was filmed for his family’s TLC reality show, but back then, the Duggars did things a bit differently. Fans of the family have become accustomed to seeing elaborate proposals like the scavenger hunt that Ben Seewald created for Jessa Duggar and the surprise wedding bouquet proposal that Joseph Duggar planned for Kendra Caldwell, but Josh kept things simple. Nine years ago, he got down on one knee and popped the question to Anna Keller while they were eating at the Gator Landing restaurant in Florida. She had no idea that the moment was being filmed, but from that moment on, she became one of the main stars of the Duggars’ reality series.

Anna’s in-laws didn’t mention her engagement anniversary in their birthday message for her, which they shared on their family Facebook page.

“Happy birthday to our wonderful daughter-in-law, Anna! You are such treasure to us in every way. We love you so much and thank God for you. We are so blessed to have you in our family!!”

Some fans were not impressed with the Duggars’ birthday wishes for Anna. For a long time, fans have felt like she didn’t get the proposal and wedding she deserved, and now many of them believe that she also ended up with a husband and a large group of in-laws who are unworthy of her presence in their lives. As the Hollywood Gossip reports, there’s been talk that Anna’s mother and father-in-law, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, blamed her for her husband’s infidelity. Josh confessed to cheating on his wife in 2015, which is the same year the world learned that he had sexually molested his younger sisters. Fans are still debating over whether Anna made the right decision by staying with her husband.

“Happy Birthday, Anna. Wishing you all the best. They don’t deserve you,” wrote one fan in response to the Duggars’ birthday message for Josh’s wife.

“You are strong, intelligent, loving, and much more. I hope they continue thanking God you stayed. God Bless.”

“The best birthday gift for you would be a divorce from the entire wretched family you married into!” commented another.

“Please keep all your children safe from their father.”

However, other fans responded to the message by letting Anna know that they view her as inspiration, and they praised her for deciding not to leave Josh.

“Happy birthday Anna! I’ve enjoyed watching you blossom into an amazing mother and Godly woman. You’ve really inspired me, how you handled the scandals and how you stuck to Josh all the way through,” read one comment.

“Happy birthday, Anna I am so very proud of you for being such a Godly wife. I know how easy it is to leave your husband when things are bad but God has plans for you and your husband. God Bless you,” another fan wrote.

However, life definitely hasn’t been a cakewalk for Anna Duggar since her husband’s name was permanently soiled, and caring for four very active kids has just added to her struggles. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, one of her sons split his head open during the last episode of Counting On, and she appeared to feel guilty that she was unable to prevent the accident. However, she did not let the stress of keeping an eye on four kids stop her from getting pregnant with one more. According to Us Weekly, she and Josh are expecting a baby boy later this year.

“Beauty comes from ashes,” said Anna Duggar of her pregnancy.

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