Bryan Craig

‘General Hospital’ To Recast Morgan? Bryan Craig Not Returning

General Hospital viewers are now anticipating the return of Morgan Corinthos, who is presumed dead. However, reports suggest that the character would be recast, and Bryan Craig would not reprise his role.

A hunk has reportedly auditioned at the Prospect Park studios, who is assumed to be taking the role of Bryan as Morgan. His name is Jake Mast, a model and a new actor, as reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry.

Earlier this year, Craig expressed that he would be thrilled to come back and play Morgan again, but he confessed he does not want to be on contract with General Hospital so he can sign up for other opportunities. Craig has a busy schedule since leaving GH last year. He is currently filming American Fighter, according to ABC Soaps In Depth.

Given the flow of story now on General Hospital, it is about time for Morgan to reappear from the dead. There are spoilers that hint his return is imminent. According to CDL, Ava (Maura West) will check herself into a psychiatric facility to avoid being prosecuted. She is facing criminal charges for her role that contributed to the death of Morgan. If Morgan is alive, it changes everything for Ava, and she would be able to avoid the jail.

General Hospital spoilers said Ava will encounter Morgan in the psychiatric facility, much to her surprise. But she would soon realize that Morgan does not recognize her. He is suffering from amnesia and has no idea how he ended up there after the car explosion. Ava might use the situation to her advantage.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that Jake is auditioning for a different role. General Hospital is reportedly bringing back some old cast members to boost its ratings, and Craig could be one of them. He could be back for just a short stint. He previously told ABC Soaps In Depth that he is willing and they just have to figure out logistics. Nonetheless, Mast’s recast is also a good choice, given his close resemblance to Bryan. Furthermore, he is new to acting, which means his fees would be cheaper for General Hospital.

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