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Pam Anderson Debt On Tax Liens Exceeds $300K

Pam Anderson debt

Baywatch star Pam Anderson’s debt due to tax liens is spiraling out of control, TMZ reports, and the former bikini babe needs to pony up a few hundred grand to clear her tab with the federal government.

Pam Anderson’s debt from tax liens isn’t the first time the star — who was recently axed from Dancing With The Stars: All Stars line up without cashing out on a big prize for her appearance — has been in hock to the government on tax bills.

The site explains the former Baywatch babe owes two separate six-figure totals for tax liens, explaining the animal-advocating cheesecake model has to cough up to the state and federal government for bills dating back to 2011. TMZ says these are Pammy’s two big outstanding balances:

“Tax Lien #1: Filed by the IRS, says Pam owes $259,395.75 for unpaid taxes in 2011.
Tax Lien #2: Filed by the State of CA, says Pam owes $112,118.90 — also for 2011.”

Pam Anderson’s debt issues seem to be a common theme for the once-hugely famous busty blonde, and the celeb gossip site points to tax bills in the past that have not only plagued the star but also put her in some not-so-hot company as the state tried to collect their dough:

” … this isn’t Pam’s first run-in with tax problems. The actress had another lien filed against her back in 2009 for $1.7 MILLION. And at one point, her name even appeared on the Golden State’s list of ‘Top 500 Delinquent Tax Payers.'”

On Pam Anderson’s debt, a rep for the star declined to comment about monies owed.

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9 Responses to “Pam Anderson Debt On Tax Liens Exceeds $300K”

  1. Michelle Norris

    HMM-yet another "star" that thinks they are exempt from paying taxes!

  2. Anonymous

    maybe she should have sold those porno movies of her and Tommy Lee and she could have made a buck off of that! pay up sleeze bag!

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