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‘Big Brother 19’ News: Paul Abrahamian’s ‘BB18’ ‘Friendship’ Scale Used To Rate New Cast Of ‘BB19’ [Video]

The latest season of Big Brother is only one week away and the new cast of hopeful winners was revealed just days ago by CBS. Big Brother 19, once again hosted by Julie Chen, is devoid of veteran players this year and is focusing on newbies, which includes diehard fans and some probable recruits. One popular podcast examined the female and male cast members of BB19 using a scale crafted from the popular catchphrases of Big Brother 18‘s Paul Abrahamian: “Friendship,” “Never Cared,” and “Pissed.”

Rob Has A Podcast (RHAP), including host Rob Cesternino and his live feed correspondents Brent Wolgamott and Melissa Deni, examined the recent clips of each of BB19‘s female houseguest interviews with former cast member Jeff Schroeder. They rated each using three of Paul’s musings on a scale from “Pissed” indicating the houseguest won’t make it far in the game to “Friendship” for those who will likely do well, with neutral feelings about a cast mate being categorized as “Never Cared.” Rob, Taran Armstrong, and Alex Kidwell followed suit with the men of Big Brother 19.

Christmas Abbott, 33, who according to CBS is a fitness superstar, was the first to be ranked. It was a clean sweep for Christmas, as Rob, Brent, and Melissa all ranked her using “Friendship,” finding she was mature, stable, and a possible winner since she is also physically strong.

Dominique Cooper, 30, from Woodbridge, Virginia, is a government engineer and was ranked “Never Cared” by Melissa, while Brent ranked her “Pissed” because he felt she has little life experience. Rob agreed with Brent, saying he was “skeptical” about her, as Brent stated he may be wrong about his impression and hopes Dominique does well.

Elena Davies, 26, is a radio personality from Dallas and was next to be ranked. Brent was taken with Elena because she is fun, “down to earth,” and a Big Brother fan. Melissa, on the other hand, thought she may be a recruit because Elena named James Huling as her favorite Big Brother houseguest, yet Melissa still ranked her “Friendship,” along with Brent. Rob felt Elena may be able to make alliances with the men in the BB19 house and ranked her “Friendship” as far as her likability, but “Pissed” with regard to her making it far in the game.

Jessica Graf, 26, a VIP concierge from Los Angeles, made a good impression on the RHAP team. Melissa felt she was well spoken and liked the fact that Jessica is trying to emulate iconic Big Brother player Janelle Pierzina so she ranked her “Friendship.” Brent did as well and believes Jessica is interesting and pretty enough that the strong males in the house will want to keep her in the game. Rob noted there is a Big Brother curse that sends models out the second week, so he ranked Jessica “Pissed.”

As far as 28-year-old Megan Lowder, a dog walker from Phoenix, is concerned, Melissa said she did not have “strong enough feelings” about her and thus “Never Cared.” Brent, however, believes Megan is “inviting,” can get along with both the men and the women of Big Brother 19, and liked her chances, but Rob ranked her “Pissed.”

Brent said he thinks there is no way Alex Ow, 28, an eco-friendly marketing rep from Camarillo, California, will make it to the BB19 jury and ranked her “Pissed.” He said she was boring, “nuts,” and “a bit of train wreck.” Melissa wholeheartedly agreed as did Rob.

Jillian Parker, 24, a timeshare sales representative from Las Vegas, impressed the RHAP group because she lost over 50 pounds in 2017. Nevertheless, Brent didn’t understand why she was cast on the show and found her “vapid,” and Melissa believed she was “nice” but overall the RHAP team was not excited about her chances in the BB19 house.

To round out the women, Raven Walton, 23, a dance teacher from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, was discussed. Melissa liked the fact that Raven has been watching Big Brother since childhood, but believes she will get “sick” of Raven quite quickly so she ranked her “Never Cared.” Nevertheless, the health issues Raven has overcome are inspiring, according to Brent, and he hopes her over-the-top energy subsides fast, yet he still ranked Raven “Pissed.” Rob thought she was “very sweet,” “fun,” and enjoyed her “story,” especially considering she is the leader of an all-female ghost-hunting group, ranking her “Friendship.”

Next Rob, along with live feed correspondents Taran Armstrong and Alex Kidwell, ranked the male Big Brother 19 houseguests beginning with Matthew Clines, 33, a renovation consultant from Arlington, Virginia. Alex revealed he knows someone who works with Matthew and argued he should do well in the house. Taran found Matthew personable and charismatic and believes he may do very well, but his inexperience may hinder him. Rob ranked Matthew “Never Cared” because he believes Matthew doesn’t really know much about the game of Big Brother.

Rodeo clown Jason Dent, 37, from Humeston, Iowa, did not impress the RHAP crew. Taran appreciated Jason’s cautiousness but was disappointed Jason said he did not want to prepare for BB19, and ranked him “Pissed.” Alex ranked him “Never Cared,” as he thinks Jason’s only purpose may be to be a jury member.

Cameron Heard, 24, a microbiologist from Woodbridge, Illinois, was examined by the RHAP team, which found that his nerd vibe may hurt him, so they hope he takes off his glasses once in the BB19 house. Taran argued that Cameron is personable and “just on paper alone” has to rank him “Friendship.” Alex agreed, stating that Cameron is intelligent, gave the RHAP podcast a shout-out during his interview, and is a Big Brother fan, but is concerned he may be involved in confrontations. Rob also liked Cameron and ranked him “Friendship.”

Rob, Taran, and Alex all appreciated Mark Jansen, 27, a Grand Island, New York, personal trainer, finding him nice, thoughtful, and down to earth, despite the fact that he said he likes to display a tough guy persona. Taran ranked Mark “Never Cared” because he doesn’t think he can win, while Alex and Rob ranked Mark “Friendship.”

Josh Martinez, 23, a haircare sales person from Homestead, Florida, was ranked next. Taran asserted that Josh is likely not a threat to anyone in the BB19 game and seems impulsive, yet he’s entertaining, so Taran ranked him “Friendship.” Alex ranked Josh slightly higher than “Friendship” due to his energy level, and Rob found Josh was “coming in hot, ready to go” and also ranked him “Friendship.”

Cody Nickson, 32, a construction sales rep from Plano, Texas, is in the BB19 house to be hated because he is low key, not entertaining, offensive, and will try to annoy people, according to Taran, who ranked him “Friendship” because he thinks he will “enjoy hating him on the show.” Alex thought Cody might be a player who likes to taunt others and will do so even if it lands him on the eviction block so he ranked him “Pissed.” Rob posited that being a villain is much better than committing the Big Brother sin of being boring in the house, so he was fine with Cody antagonizing other houseguests, but ranked him “Never Cared.”

Rob thought the oldest houseguest on BB19, Kevin Schlehuber, 55, a stay-at-home dad from Boston, was confused about the game and acted bizarrely during his cast interview, but believes he may be dragged to the final two as someone who won’t win the game. Taran found Kevin to be lovable, though he may do well, could be boring in the BB19 house, but in the end, found him engaging and ranked him “Friendship” as did Rob and Alex.

The last cast member to be discussed by RHAP was Ramses Soto, 21, a cosplay artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alex noted that Ramses is a Big Brother super fan who has great potential but could overplay too soon. Taran argued that Ramses will not do well because he may have problems socially in a house with the older cast members, so he needs to play the “younger brother figure.” Rob was not impressed with the fact that Ramses had no talent except poking his cheek during the cast interview.

The premiere of Big Brother 19 airs Wednesday, June 28, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. Big Brother After Dark returns for BB19 and premieres Thursday, June 29 at 1 a.m. Eastern Time on Pop TV.

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