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Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid Headed For Shocking Split Over Alleged Anxiety Battle?

Zayn Malik may find himself being single again very soon because, according to reports, his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, has allegedly grown tired of the singer depending on her to help him overcome his anxiety struggle.

According to OK! magazine, saying that Zayn Malik is needy would be an understatement. Though there’s no denying that he shares strong feelings for the supermodel, the 22-year-old finds it hard to be a lovable girlfriend when the former One Direction can’t do anything by himself, the outlet claims.

Zayn Malik has been struggling with anxiety for years, which is said to have been one of the reasons he never went on a world tour to promote his debut album, Mind of Mine.

It’s been something that Zayn has been trying to deal with for years, and though things have gradually improved over the past couple of months, Malik is nowhere near where he would like to be, which would explain why he heavily depends on Gigi to help him on almost every task he’s challenged with.

It’s really tiring Hadid, Hollywood Life quotes OK! magazine reporting, adding that friends and family members have seen how this has affected her, convinced that the relationship is just weeks away from being over.

“He’s become dependent on her, and she feels trapped. Everyone around her is convinced she’ll end it by the end of summer,” an insider explains, insinuating that if things don’t start improving with Zayn Malik, Hadid will have no choice but to move on with her life and consequently leave her boyfriend in the past.

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The twosome have been together for well over two years, and though Gigi has often gushed about how great Zayn Malik makes her feel, it’s evidently clear, according to reports, that despite how well they get along, there’s only so much one can take when their partner struggles to even take on simple tasks by themselves.

Following the release of his debut album, Zayn Malik was known to have canceled endless TV appearances and live performances, stressing that his anxiety battle had gotten the better of him and that he’s terribly sorry to those who were disappointed in his reason for pulling out.

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It seems that things haven’t changed all that much and Gigi is tired.

Are you shocked by the rumors concerning Zayn Malik and Hadid’s relationship?

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