Video Of 4-Year-Old Girl In Police Car After Philando Castile's Death: 'Mom, I Don't Want You To Get Shooted'

Video Of 4-Year-Old Girl In Police Car After Philando Castile’s Death: ‘Mom, I Don’t Want You To Get Shooted’

More details and videos from the Philando Castile case are being made public. As reported by the Inquisitr, the 28-page report of Officer Jeronimo Yanez telling his version of what he said happened the day he shot Philando to death featured Yanez claiming that he followed Philando and his fiancee, Diamond Reynolds, for miles prior to pulling the white car over for a traffic stop. On that day, Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter was in the back seat, but Yanez said he made sure to aim for Philando’s “center mass” when he shot Castile seven times, because Yanez knew the young girl was in the back seat.

Yanez claimed that Philando’s “wide set nose” and long hair fit the description of two male African-American robbery suspects from a convenience store sometime prior to the shooting, and said that he couldn’t tell that Diamond was a woman sitting next to Castile in the front seat. Now new video of Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter with Diamond in the back of a police car after Yanez shot her fiance to death is getting a big reaction online. As seen in the below video, Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter tries to calm her mother down and tells her to keep quiet and stop saying bad words so her mother won’t get “shooted,” in a 4-year-old’s language, a girl still so young that she didn’t know the past tense of “shoot” is “shot.

Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter: “I could keep you safe.”

Diamond: “They not gonna shoot me okay? I’m already in handcuffs.”

Diamond’s 4-year-old daughter: “Don’t take them off. I wish this town was safer.”

The heartbreaking video is causing people on social media to say they watched it with tears in their eyes.

Warning: The video below contains language that might be offensive.

The realization that the man she planned to marry was just shot and killed in front of her eyes seems to hit Diamond at that moment shown in the video, and she screamed out expletives. The fatal traffic stop in St. Paul, Minnesota, was broadcast live on Facebook, with Diamond going live on the social media platform after Yanez shot Castile to death. Most people noted how calm Diamond sounded when describing what she said happened.

Diamond can be seen in the top photo above holding her then 4-year-old daughter, speaking in front of the Governor’s Mansion on July 7, 2016, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Reynolds was handcuffed in the back of the police car, and she spoke aloud about wanting to take the handcuffs off, but her daughter encouraged her not to do so, in order for Diamond not to get shot also.

Diamond told her daughter that she wouldn’t get shot and that she would take her handcuffs off.

“My phone just died and I have no way to contact family for rides.”

Reynolds then spoke to someone outside the vehicle, saying she needed to contact family members.

Diamond could be seen hugging her daughter and crying in the newly released video.

As reported by TMZ, Reynolds screamed with anger as she sat in the back of the police car, as the little girl comforted her mother.

“Mom, please don’t scream ’cause I don’t want you to get shooted!”

With Yanez’s trial now over, with the officer being found not guilty of manslaughter, the videos surrounding the incident have been released to the public.

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