Season 4 cast from History Channel series Alone

‘Alone’ Recap Of S4E1: One Team Taps Out On The First Day

On this season of Alone, there is a new twist where two family members team up to survive as long as possible on Vancouver Island. Although it may be easier with a partner, they don’t start out together as a team. While one person is dropped off in an area where they can set up camp, their teammate must undertake a grueling trek of approximately 10 miles in order to find them. If anyone was going to tap out in the first episode, it should have been one of the hikers, but that wasn’t the way it turned out during the Season 4 premiere episode of Alone.

As in previous seasons of Alone, Deadline Hollywood shared that in order to survive, the participants must find food and water, build shelters that will last, and fend off bears and other predators. Each team will still face a very remote, difficult, and harsh environment that will put each of them to the test both physically and psychologically.

“Since Season 1, we knew we had a groundbreaking show,” said Paul Cabana, EVP and Head of Programming at History. “Raw, authentic and entertaining, there truly is nothing else like it on television. In Season 3, viewers will experience how our survivalists endure the challenges faced in a new, remote location at the bottom of the globe. In Season 4 we are elevating the show to even greater heights and hope the evolution of the series will continue to captivate viewers and keep them on their toes.”

Four of the seven teams were followed during the first episode titled, “Divide and Conquer,” and for brothers Josh and Brad Richardson, their time on the island was unexpectedly cut short. According to the Chicago Tribune, they are the youngest of the seven teams chosen when the Alone producers contacted them after discovering their American Wilderness YouTube channel, where they post educational nature videos. While exploring for an area suitable for a permanent campsite, 19-year-old Josh fell and injured his ankle.

“This is probably the most painful thing I’ve ever done,” Josh said as he struggled to find his way back toward the beach where he left all of his supplies. “Trying to hike in the worst terrain possible with a sprained ankle. It hasn’t even been a day — it’s been a few hours.”

After finding his way back to the beach, Josh decides that he isn’t mentally prepared for the challenge and decides to tap out. Since he decided to leave, the Alone crew had to locate Brad in order to remove him from the challenge as well. Twenty-three-year-old Brad was just settling in for what looked like a rough night when they located him. The first thing he asked was if his brother was okay, and they quickly filled him in on what happened. He was definitely surprised and clearly disappointed, but he took it well and was concerned for his brothers’ well-being.

The next episode, titled “Hell on Earth,” finds the participants still struggling to find one another. One team will grapple with a devastating accident, while another team is beaten down by the environment that surrounds them. Unfortunately, it looks like at least one other team will be tapping out in the second episode of Alone. For viewers who wondered if having a partner would make it easier to survive in the remote and harsh terrain, the final answer to that question is a mystery at this time. This early into the challenge, having a partner isn’t an advantage, but perhaps when the teams meet up, their chances of success will dramatically increase.

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