Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are more in love than ever

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff And Chris Marek ‘More In Love Than Ever’ Despite Breakup Rumors

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff and her boyfriend Chris Marek are still “more in love than ever,” dispelling long-running rumors that the two are headed towards Splitsville.

As In Touch Weekly reported, their relationship went through something of a rough patch after Chris insisted that he wanted to take things slowly. That caused Amy to have doubts about their relationship. However, it appears they made it through those difficulties and are still going strong.

At least, that’s what’s happening on the show. As for what’s happening in real life; well, that’s another matter entirely.

As you know, TV production and real life move at different paces. That means that what happened in real life months ago, and was filmed for the TV cameras, doesn’t show up on your TV screen at home until months after it’s happened. Meanwhile, real life happens at its own pace; and with social media, we can see what’s happening in reality TV stars’ lives as it happens.

So what has gone on in Amy Roloff and Chris Marek’s relationship since the last time they were before the TV cameras? As of this writing, it’s difficult to say, mostly because neither of them seems to be saying much about it in public.

The last time Amy said anything specifically about Chris, at least, on social media, was on May 30, almost three weeks ago. As you can see from the Instagram post embedded below, they were doing fine, at least on that night.

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However, a few days later, on June 5, Amy posted a photo that seemed to indicate that she was going through something.

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“Sometimes that’s all it takes- the simple beauty of nature to remind us to be thankful and life is good.”

Of course, any number of things could have been on Amy’s mind that day. Or maybe she was just waxing poetic for the sake of sparking discussion. Or maybe she’d broken up with Chris. Who knows?

If she and Chris are in trouble, or have even broken up, LPBW fans may not know about it in real time. Amy may very well be under contract to keep big developments in her relationships a secret, for the sake of more drama on the show.

However, as far as anyone knows, Amy and Chris are still going strong!

New episodes of Little People, Big World air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on TLC.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]