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‘Y&R’ Spoilers For Monday June 12: A Complete Recap Scene-By-Scene Spoiler Including Chloe’s Rescue

The complete Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, June 12 are in, and it seems that Kevin is headed on a path of no return and has his sites set on being reunited with the love of his life Chloe. Sharon is worried about her son’s relationship with Tessa, although Mariah tries to set her mind at ease. Sharon isn’t the only one worried about Tessa’s motive, as Nikki also questions Tessa’s loyalty. Other spoilers for Monday’s Young and the Restless indicate that Scott is set on a new career path. Is Dina really prepared to leave her children again?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, June 12 state that Scott will tell Victor that he wants to quit working for him. Victor knows what an asset he has in Scott and will make Scott an offer he can’t refuse. Scott will tell Victor that to date he has had no contact with the digital media company. The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Victor will tell his secretary to contact the digital media firm’s representative because he wants to cancel his offer to buy the company. Scott, of course, capitulates and Victor then puts Scott in charge of turning the digital media company around. Scott happily accepts Victor’s challenge and promises to deliver.

The last Young and the Restless fans saw of Kevin was him heading out of town carrying a gun. Having arrived at Dr. Harris’s house, Kevin peers through the window and sees Chloe and Dr. Harris talking. Spoilers for Monday, June 12 state that Chloe will tell the doctor that she will never see her family again because she is stuck there. Kevin pulls out his gun. Dr. Harris and Chloe are talking about weaning her off her medication. Dr. Harris also asserts that he is trying to make up for the fact that he took money to release her early.

According to Young and the Restless spoilers, Dr. Harris will hear a noise coming from outside and he will leave Chloe to investigate. At this point, Kevin will go to Chloe. Spoilers state that when Dr. Harris returns, he will want an explanation for Kevin’s presence. Chloe will tell Dr. Harris that she contacted Kevin and that she loves him and cannot live without him. Kevin wants to leave with Chloe but Dr. Harris says that he cannot let them go and calls somebody. The Young and the Restless spoilers state that Kevin will demand to know who Dr. Harris is calling.

Soaps She Knows states that Nikki will become unsure of Tessa’s loyalty to her. Nikki catches Tessa calling Victor and demands to know what the conversation was about. Tessa will tell Nikki that she was worried about Nikki and was wanting to know if Victor did something to make Nikki angry. With a sigh, Nikki will tell Tessa that she is stressed about the concert and that she wants to be alone when she practices.

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, June 12 say that Sharon is concerned that Tessa will break her son’s heart. She voices her concerns to Mariah who tells Sharon that Noah can take care of himself. The spoilers also state that Mariah will encourage Sharon to give Tessa a chance. Tessa breaks into their conversation and Mariah and Sharon cannot discuss the issue any further. Later, Tessa will tell Mariah that she noticed that Sharon has been giving her the eye and that she thinks Sharon doesn’t want her to date Noah.

The Young and the Restless’ newest couple, Sharon and Scott, will also feature on the Monday, June 12 episode. Spoilers state that Scott will be bursting to tell Sharon the news about his new digital company. Sharon is happy for Scott but warns him about Victor. Sharon tells Scott not to regard Victor as a father figure and to be careful of being Victor’s pawn, according to Soaps She Knows. From her side, Sharon is still trying to process Tessa and Noah’s relationship. Sharon will tell Scott that Tessa could be using Noah to continue benefiting financially from Nikki.

Dina is leaving, and nobody is as happy that she is going than Graham. Graham reassures Dina that leaving is the right thing to do and leaves to fetch his luggage. The Young and the Restless spoilers state that Ashley arrives and asks Dina to stay, especially because she is still concerned about what Graham’s real motives are. Dina is touched to find that Ashley cares so much about her. However, Ashley backtracks and gets angry when she finds out that Dina will leave Genoa City without saying goodbye to Abby. The Young and the Restless fans will see Ashley bursting into tears and telling Dina to return to Paris and put herself first.

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Jack has another flashback to the time when he was a teenager, according to Young and the Restless spoilers. Young and the Restless fans will see how John tells him that Dina needs time for herself and she won’t be back again. Abby interrupts his daydreaming and wants to talk about bringing their partnership to an end. Jack tells Abby that he made a promise to his sister that she could have a lab in the warehouse. The two go back and forth, with Jack finally giving in. Spoilers indicate that while talking, Jack brings up the fact that Dina is leaving. Abby, of course, did not know and is understandably upset. She makes her way over to Dina’s.

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Abby isn’t the only one who seeks Jack out on Monday, June 12. Nikki comes by and Jack cries on her shoulder about Dina. Nikki is also concerned about how Graham fits into Dina’s life, especially that he may be controlling her. The two commiserate over the fact that it seems to always be the people closest to you who are able to hurt you the most. According to Young and the Restless spoilers, Jack will tell Nikki that he feels like he is losing Dina all over again. Nikki will wipe a tear away and console him. Nikki will tell him to let go of the pain as they hold hands. This scribe predicts further intimate moments between Jack and Nikki as they seem to be going down a slippery slope pretty fast.

The other Abbott sibling Ashley is with the other half of the Newman power couple. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Ashley is bemoaning the fact that her mother is leaving again when Abby arrives. Abby rushes to her grandmother’s room and begs her to stay. Dina tries to placate Abby and tells her she will stay in touch but she needs to leave. Abby and her grandmother tell each other how much they love each other and hug. Spoilers indicate that it all becomes too much for Abby and she leaves for the Club. Dina will tell Graham that she knows that leaving is the right thing but it doesn’t feel right.

While Victor and Ashley try to run after Abby, Graham runs into them and tells them that Dina has made the decision to stay in Genoa City. When Graham leaves, Young and the Restless spoilers state that Victor will tell Ashley that she needs to keep a close eye on Dina’s bank accounts. Victor is worried that Graham may drain her bank accounts and leave her mother without a cent. Back in her room, Dina picks up a photo of her family and kisses it.

Why do you think Dina decided to stay?

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