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Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Discussing ‘KUWTK’ Wedding: Is She Already Engaged To New Boyfriend?

Kylie Jenner was rather surprised to see reports claiming that she’s been gearing up to marry Travis Scott, who she has allegedly branded as her most genuine boyfriend.

Things have been progressing fast between Kylie Jenner and her rapper beau, and it wasn’t long before sources claimed that the 19-year-old has already been discussing wedding and engagement plans with her man, leading people to think that Kylie Jenner was already engaged.

It turns out that while Kylie is alleged to have had talks with Travis Scott about the chances of them settling down together, right now she’s mainly focused on expanding her business empire while still enjoying being in a relationship with Scott.

After all, the two have only been dating since April, and the last thing Kylie Jenner would want to do is find herself in a situation where she marries someone and realizes that it was the worst decision she could have made, similar to Kim Kardashian’s previous experiences.

A source tells Hollywood Life that it goes without saying the couple is committed to one another. Rumors regarding marriage plans aren’t new to them, and while the topic has been brought up in the past, Kylie Jenner has no plans to become a wife right now.

Of course, if Travis and Kylie Jenner are still together in the next couple of years, then Kylie Jenner will definitely consider tying the knot with her man, but it’s doubtful that she would put herself in the situation of getting married before she’s even turned 21.

“Trust me, when Kylie does get married, it most certainly won’t be in secret—do you really think Kris Jenner would allow that to happen?” an insider tells the gossip outlet.

“Not when there’s that amount of potential money and publicity at stake! Things are definitely very serious between Kylie and Travis—they are both madly in love—but, Kylie is still only 19, and she doesn’t want to tie herself down forever at such a young age.”

While wedding plans don’t seem to be something that Kylie Jenner wants to think about at this given moment, there definitely seems to be plans for that later on in life — depending on whether the couple will remain together or not of, of course.

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News of Kylie Jenner considering the idea of marrying Travis Scott if the duo remains together comes just two months after the E! network announced that the socialite had landed herself a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff titled Life of Kylie, USA Today reports.

The premise of the show will simply see Kylie Jenner venture out on her own to continue marketing her up-and-coming businesses such as a new clothing line, a new book, and an extended line of her cosmetic products. Of course, fans will also get an insight look into Jenner’s life with Travis and how she dealt with the breakup from Tyga.

Fans were stunned when Kylie Jenner was seen holding hands with her new beau at the Coachella festival in April because it had only been two weeks prior that she decided to call things off with Tyga, which reportedly infuriated the father-of-two enough for him to allegedly tell his pals he’ll never reconcile with Kylie Jenner in the future.

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But from what’s been gathered, insiders claim that the reality star couldn’t be happier being with Travis and is only looking forward to her future — she’s not revisiting the past.

After having met Travis’ family a few weeks back, where she made a great impression, Kylie Jenner reportedly came to the realization that Scott is the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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