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Pitbull Puppy Dragged Behind Truck For A Mile Lives

Pitbull Puppy Dragged By Truck

A pitbull puppy dragged behind a truck for more than a mile survived, thanks to a team of veterinarians who performed life-saving emergency surgery on the five-month-old dog.

The pitbull puppy, named Trooper for his will to survive, was dragged by a truck along a Missouri interstate on November 21, reports Fox News. Missouri Humane Society spokeswoman Jean Jay stated of Trooper:

“It’s shocking when an animal is abused to this extent. We are following up on some leads and tips we’ve received in cooperation with law enforcement. The dog is well for what he’s been through. He is remarkably calm and friendly.”

St Louis police discovered Trooper when they responded to reports that an animal was severely injured after it was tethered to the back of a truck and dragged along Missouri’s Highway 55. Authorities arrived at the scene to see the driver distraught, saying that he had no idea how the animal became tied to the back of his vehicle.

The Missouri Humane Society continues to give updates on the pitbull puppy dragged behind a truck, notes The Daily Mail. The latest update was on Wednesday and read:

“Trooper is eating and drinking normally and he is walking on his own several times a day. Although his right front leg was severely injured, we see some improvement that gives us hope we may be able to save it.”

There has been an overwhelming interest in people wanting to adopt Trooper, but the humane society has cautioned that it will be a long time before anyone can adopt the pitbull puppy, because of the extend of his injuries. In the meantime, well-wishers will have to settle for sending cards, flowers, and donations to Trooper.

There is a reward being offered for any information leading to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for tying the puppy up to the vehicle. Would you want to adopt the pitbull puppy who was dragged by a truck?

Pitbull Puppy Dragged By Truck

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35 Responses to “Pitbull Puppy Dragged Behind Truck For A Mile Lives”

  1. Joan Graham Senffner

    OMG! The driver of the truck has no idea how these happened?@##$%%^^&If it was not him they should catch the SOB , drag him behind a truck & then throw him in prison so the job can be finished!

  2. Tammy Rebellady


  3. Will Willx

    5k? I'll go 10k send me a facebook message with details. Sick of jerk offs like this, unless this was by accident maybe kids were playing and tied it there? I guess more to the story. But offer stands.

  4. Will Willx

    I'm not sure what i am more impressed by. That you actually called out their horrible writing, and still used "sence" instead of "sense" see this squiggly lines below the word? THAT MEANS IT'S WRONG!

  5. Marion Nigro

    poor pup – he will need some new training but I would adopt him. My daughter has had three pits – staffordshire.
    terriers and are the best.

  6. Sarah Enright Loan

    These stories makes me SICK! Poor little pup. Thank you to all the people who are working to save him. And to the "human" that tied this dog to the truck–please come to Ohio. My 4 rescue dogs would like to have a word with you and then I have an truck bumper with your name on it–POS.

  7. Cindy Thuy Vo

    Yeah….Joan…..he is one mother fucker. I want the same thing happens to him to see how this fucker feel. I hate these group of people who abuse animals like this

  8. Cindy Thuy Vo

    This fucker needed to be in jail forever for what he did to this poor innocent puppy! I am glad he is all well though.

  9. Sarah Enright Loan

    If the courts in this country do not want to take TORTURING animals seriously, then please consider turning these worthless piles of shit over to me and my friends. I can promise you that we will GLADLY take care of these foul excuses for humans.

  10. Baraba Cruce

    what in the world is wrong with people this is a puppy, someone who would do this to a lil dog would do this or worse to a child or even a grown person. I am an animal lover and think that someone who could do this has no soul.

  11. Bonnie Hugunin

    hope they find the person that did this to this poor dog.I think this driver of the truck is lieing,he did it,just have to prove it

  12. Jennifer Lynn Caudillo

    If it was a child being dragged the man driving the truck would be arrested!!! Same should happen here and there should be questioning along with a trial.. Someone who hurts an animal like this can do worse to a child and adult!

  13. Jasmine Elisibith Summey

    You think its sad for a poor baby animal to get hurt by someone.but yet you say amanda todd desereved to die?your lack of intelligence pissed alot of people off. you are very weak minded and self centered.dont say your not self centerend your confident,because your a complete utter dumb ass,for ever a CHILD TO KILL THERE SELF,hopefully.when you have kids they kill there selfs 😉 have a nice day fuck nugget

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