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Mel Gibson Says He May ‘Reach Out’ To Lindsay Lohan [Video]

Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan

Troubled star Mel Gibson says he’s considering reaching out to troubled star Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan is once again facing several legal and financial battles. The oft-encumbered actress is staring down three misdemeanor charges stemming from a car crash in June, an arrest on suspicion of assault in New York City last week, and IRS seizure of her bank accounts over unpaid taxes.

On the career-track, the pseudo-comebacking actress got terrible reviews for the Lifetime film Liz & Dick in which she portrayed film icon and sex symbol Elizabeth Taylor opposite Grant Bowler’s Richard Burton.

Mel Gibson is a controversial figure in Hollywood as well, and said at the Four Kings and an Ace fundraiser this past weekend that he’s tried reaching out to Lohan before, and may do so again.

“I may [reach out] again,” the Signs actor explained to Extra. “Well, we all know about [troubles]. It takes one to know one.”

Lohan is not without celebrity support. X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato recently defended Lohan from Perez Hilton, and singer Lady Gaga supported Lohan’s performance in Liz & Dick, telling her on Twitter that she enjoyed the film.

Mel Gibson has also reached out to other troubled stars in the past. In the midst of Britney Spears’ 2008 meltdown, Gibson publicly supported her. Gibson and then-wife Robin took Spears to their home in Costa Rica to help her recuperate, reports Fox News.

Is Mel Gibson’s offer of help to Lindsay Lohan the blind leading the blind, or should he be commended for his concern?
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One Response to “Mel Gibson Says He May ‘Reach Out’ To Lindsay Lohan [Video]”

  1. Lera Tanner

    I think Mel Gibson is a talented and genuine person. I feel he is looked down on because he does not follow the " acceptable social" way of behavior. He does have his problems but, is at the same time an amazingly generous and emotional person. I think any one of us would be hard put to fully understand his life or any one of the stars until we lived their lives. Yes, they may have money and fame but, if we have not learned that money does not make you happy by now we never will. I think if he is willing to help others with some of the same issues then go for it, because if he helps even just one then that is enough.

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