Christmas Decoration Theft

Grinch Steals Decorations From San Antonio Neighborhood [Video]

San Antonio, TX – A real-life Grinch has stolen a number of Christmas decorations from several unsuspecting residents, according to ABC News.

The thief was captured on surveillance camera at around 3 am Sunday morning driving slowly through a San Antonio neighborhood.

Before too long, the suspect returns to the house and exits his vehicle. The man can then be seen casually walking into the yard and removing several decorations.

Not satisfied with the sled and snowman he stole during his first go-around, the Grinch comes back for a inflatable Santa Claus and train set.

The victim, who chooses only to be identified as Diana, told KSAT that she was worried about the safety of her neighbors. In order to keep everyone around her safe and sound, she reported the incident to the local police.

“He ran across the street to the other neighbors house taking their inflatable and ran back to his car,” the woman said of the thief. “Her snowman was also missing and they just put theirs out a couple nights ago.”

The surveillance video doesn’t lie; the suspect can clearly be seen swiping the festive objects from Diana’s front lawn. Although the homeowner doesn’t think police will be able to catch the real-life Grinch, she is hoping the attention the incident has received will keep the suspect away from her neighborhood.

“This can’t be left like that,” Diana said. “Other people need to be aware that this guy is out there.”

Christmas decoration theft is certainly not an uncommon occurrence. According to RTV6, an Indianapolis thief has made off with a number of Christmas-oriented lawn decorations towards the end of November. The suspect is still on the loose.

Police explained that any incidents should be immediately reported to authorities.

What do you think about the real-life Grinch who has been stealing Christmas decorations?