Netflix Series House Of Cards is going to have the Season 5 premiere on May 30

Netflix Series ‘House Of Cards’ Might End In 2017 With Season 5, Cast Member Robin Wright Hints

Netflix series House Of Cards is going to have the Season 5 premiere later this month. However, fans are sure to get disappointed by what cast member Robin Wright has to say about the show’s future.

The actress, who plays the fictional U.S. First Lady Claire Underwood in the TV series, has talked about the real-life dramatics at the White House under the Donald Trump administration. If Wright has to be believed, writers of the Netflix show might lose their job due to the kind of activities going on under Trump’s leadership. And, that is why there is a possibility that House of Cards, despite being hugely popular among viewers, might not reach Season 6.

House of Cards star Robin Wright, who is not a huge fan of the present U.S. president, talked about her disappointment about Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Oh my god, we have four years of this.”

Wright said she was desperate to see the hope somewhere. She is definitely not impressed with the U.S. president. And, she is concerned that the Trump presidency might have a negative effect on House of Cards, which is about fictional U.S. President Frank Underwood, who happens to be a sociopath. The actress apparently indicated that the show might end in 2017 with Season 5. Here is her reason why.

“Trump has stolen all of our ideas for Season 6,” Wright said during a Variety panel at the Cannes Film Festival. “I don’t know what we’re going to do, seriously.”

Wright is at the Cannes festival with her directorial venture The Dark of Night. The short film has the film noir style of the ’30s. The actress has already got significant experience behind the camera, as she directed five House of Card episodes so far. The actress, who acted in movies like The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump, became a household name with her portrayal of the vicious U.S. first lady in the Netflix show. However, according to Wright, she almost turned down the role.

Netflix Series House Of Cards is going to have the Season 5 premiere on May 30.
Netflix series ‘House Of Cards’ is going to have the Season 5 premiere on May 30. [Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]

Wright had no intentions to get back to television, where she started her career. Also, she was aware that the role she was offered was a minor part in the British version that inspired the Netflix series. She was eventually convinced that she would have an equal part with Kevin Spacey. Wright was also aware of the vicious nature of her character. According to her, Claire is “Lady Macbeth to Richard III.”

Will House Of Cards end in 2017 with Season 5?
Will ‘House Of Cards’ end in 2017 with Season 5? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Claire Underwood is the perfect partner for husband Frank, who has his own ways of ruling the country and its people. However, she has a totally different approach. While Frank is more vociferous in his attitude, Claire would rather relax and wait for her turn to strike back. Wright believes her character in House of Cards does not have to talk much. She is already evil and fierce in her on ways.

“She’s the best of both sexes.”

The House of Cards star also talked about her choice for the next president. Wright, who is known for being a strong advocate of gender equality in Hollywood, would prefer a female president, and she has already made up her mind about who that candidate should be.

“I want Michelle Obama up there,” Wright said. “She would be a great female president.”

That may take a while to happen if the possibility arises at all. Fans, for the moment, are more concerned about the Netflix show’s future. Wright did not open up about how the show is going to end. However, she said that the producers had already come up with their ideas about how Frank and Claire’s world would end. It may not make the fans happy to hear that the producers are already thinking about the end.

Meanwhile, House of Cards Season 5 premieres on Netflix on May 30.

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