Eyebrow Wigs: Glue-On Eyebrows Instagram Video Gets 65K Views In Three Days For Stick-On Browns

Eyebrow Wigs: Instagram Video Of Glue-On Eyebrows Gets 65,000 Views In Three Days

We glue on eyelashes, why not glue on eyebrows? That’s the next logical step in the trend of adding hair to places where folks would like to see more hair. Hence, the new “eyebrow wigs” trend that’s sweeping Instagram. In the video below, a woman’s sparse eyebrows suddenly become fuller, thicker, and lusher after a netting of eyebrow wigs are placed atop her real eyebrows, and the video is pretty popular. Gaining more than 65,000 views in three days, the video showing the difference in the woman’s appearance with her glue-on eyebrows has gotten plenty of feedback.

However, the #EyebrowWigs and #EyebrowWig hashtags on Instagram are being seen as more than a cool beauty trend. Those who have suffered from hair loss, alopecia, or loss of eyebrows due to cancer treatments know that eyebrow wigs can be a God-send for folks who don’t want to use eyebrow micro-blading or other means of drawing on eyebrows. According to Mashable, certain folks are viewing eyebrow wigs as a frivolous fashion trend, while others are getting angry that some people view eyebrow wigs as a fashion trend to be tossed into the wind.

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Either way, eyebrows are the “it” thing right now, with Google reporting eyebrow threading getting up to 1 million searches per month. Eyebrow wigs currently receive up to 10,000 searches per month, and if the popularity of eyebrow wigs continues, they just might join eyelash extensions, which is a term that receives up to 1 million searches per month.

With human hair wigs being a popular trend, it’s no wonder that the variety of eyebrow shapes gained from eyebrow wigs would also become a new trend. Eyebrow wigs can be viewed as lace front wigs for the eyebrows, a less permanent option than eyebrow tattoos and perhaps as long-lasting as lash extensions, which fall out over time and require a “lash fill” to look full again. The opposite of eyebrow waxing or threading eyebrows, the eyebrow wigs offer a way to not only get fuller lashes but to change and update the color of eyebrows without needing eyebrow tinting.

Eyebrow extensions are also a popular way to fluff up sparse brows, kind of like false eyelashes for the brows. Not as concrete as permanent makeup, but perhaps more reliable than eyebrow makeup, eyebrow pencils, and eyebrow stencils, the eyebrow wigs can offer perfect eyebrows and thick eyebrows with just a drop of glue.

Apparently, eyebrow wigs have been around for quite some time now, with photos like the above from Instagram being posted in November of 2015.

Additional Instagram posts tagged with the #eyebrowwig hashtag like the one above show a variety of colors of eyebrow wigs that come in packages replete with “spirit gum” glue to glue down the eyebrows. The eyebrow wigs boast they are made of 100 percent human hair and that they are designed for women who’ve undergone chemotherapy, suffered from alopecia, or who have trouble growing their own eyebrows.

Whereas some women turn to Jamaican Black Castor Oil to thicken and grow their natural lashes, others turn to eyebrow wigs as a solution.

Some women have turned to Instagram to confess that they use eyebrow wigs in the wake of over-plucking or shaving off their own eyebrows.

The big question comes in a fitness-loving world: Will eyebrow wigs stay on during a sweaty workout? According to Head Covers, the eyebrow wigs just might make it through a sweaty exercise session. However, the website recommends that the person wearing the eyebrow wigs first try them out during private yoga sessions or workout routines at home, since everyone’s skin reacts differently.

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