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Kid Rock Tells Obama ‘No Hard Feelings’ At Kennedy Center Honors [Video]

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Kid Rock was one of Mitt Romney’s most vocal supporters during the 2012 election, so it was a little surprising to see him up on stage during the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., this weekend. The Detroit native played for the celebrity crowd and told President Obama that he had “no hard feelings” about the election.

Rock performed with Willie Nelson during the Kennedy Center Honors, but he also got a chance to talk to President Obama one-on-one.

Rock told CNN:

“It was nice. I saw the president tonight. He said, ‘I’m still here.’ I said, ‘No hard feelings.’”

Detroit and the auto industry were major talking points during the election, and Kid Rock became a vocal supporter of the GOP candidate. The Romney campaign used Rock’s “Born Free” as their campaign theme song, and Rock frequently showed up at rallies.

Kid Rock said that he was disappointed that Mitt Romney lost but said that it was important to respect the office of the President.

Rock said:

“You cross your fingers, you try to move forward, you hope for the best … You respect the office of the president of the United States, and the great thing is in four years, we get to choose again.”

Here’s a video of Kid Rock’s interview at the Kennedy Center Honors.

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16 Responses to “Kid Rock Tells Obama ‘No Hard Feelings’ At Kennedy Center Honors [Video]”

  1. Joe Stricker

    Why should Kid Rock have ANY hard feelings? President Obama never did anything to Rock; if anything, President Obama should have hard feelings against Kid Rock.

  2. Jeff Caudle

    he is kkk cause he dont want obummer as president. get a life. u sound like chris matthews. does not make him a racist like kkk. ur logic would make all people who didnt like romney racist also

  3. Ryan Cornhole

    R U Freakiing kidding me,,, it was Kid Rock that knows how to show some class out of everybody on the right! Guess the Right better take some lessons from Mr. Rock on how to show grace and be cordial when your side loses!

  4. Mitch Smith

    KR tells PRESIDENT OBAMA, "no hard feelings"? Mighty big of him since, based on the disrespectfull criticism from the likes of one ROBERT RITCHIE, the President should be the only one to to harbor any ill-will. Kid, take off the hat and let us check out the chrome dome!

  5. Drew Pierce

    As long as Kid Rock kept his comments about Obama during the campaign about policies, etc. and didn't get personal or do things like infer Obama being a Muslim or racial stuff, than it probably wasn't a weird encounter between the two.

  6. Jenks LeVar

    It is Pure INSANITY that the guy who said we need to Bail out GM and Chrysler did it and pushed in every way to save both companies. Also making things easier for GM and Chrysler to compete. Yet the same Hilbillys from 6-7-8 mile uniformed rednecks still voting against themselves. Its just retarded its like Because hes black by default hes wrong. No matter what the facts are and its a damn shame.

  7. Jesse McDonald

    Ummm do you know Kid Rock on a personal level?? I didn't think so so why use his real name pretty DISRESPECTFUL on your behalf

  8. Anonymous

    you can bet Obama will sleep much better now that the inbred white trash has decided there is no hard feelings that the nation rejected his backwoods hillbilly sales pitch.

  9. Jim KindHeart

    What the hell was Kid Rock Supporting ROMNEY A MORMON FOR? In his songs he says things like- if he was president he would turn all the churches in this country to strip clubs, and I got all the coke, ho's, meth you need and drinks whiskey out the bottle! Romney does not touch Alcohal let alone Tea, coffee, Tobacco……..and by Golly Kid Rock…… Strip Clubs and Nudity they would ban them! They are like two different ends of a spectrum……The only thing they have in common in the countless millions he made from a gullible public who bought into his non-sense of being a renegade!

  10. Anonymous

    lets not forget Hank Williams Jr. Inbred white trash celebrities of America .

  11. Molly Drew

    Dear Kid Rock, no hard feelings that you're a musical hack and need to ressurect old songs to come up with a hit. Remind me again why we give a damn about your opinion?

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