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Mitt Romney: Boston Market For Thanksgiving And Cleaning Bedpans

Mitt Romney Boston Market Bedpans

San Diego, CA – Mitt Romney has reportedly been taking things easy since losing his bid to win the 2012 Presidential Election. According to the Daily Mail, Romney’s family even had a very casual Thanksgiving, ordering a turkey dinner from Boston Market because cooking a feast would have been difficult with all the relatives’ children running around the household. He even offered to help a friend undergoing a live transplant by changing his bedpan.

Romney sightings have become popular, with a haggard-looking Mitt Romney spotted gassing his car before visiting Disneyland California with grandkids. Romney’s biggest move lately has been to meet with President Obama for lunch. Using an iPad and emailing has become Romney’s friend, with the former Presidential candidate spending a lot of time communicating. He reportedly wrote to a friend going through a liver transplant: “I’ll change your bedpan, take you back and forth to treatment.”

Mitt Romney ordering a Boston Market meal might seem like a parody of the life a multi-millionaire is supposed to be leading. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Romney really thought he’d win the election based upon Team Romney’s polling data, so he made no major careers plans for a loss amounting to only 47 percent of the popular vote. Unlike John McCain or John Kerry, or even Romney’s former running mate Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney does not have a Congressional seat in the House or Senate to return to. Instead, Romney has been relaxing in his mansion on the seafront in La Jolla, an exclusive area of San Diego in California, taking visits from business colleagues and friends.

Although Mitt Romney is unlikely to hold any public office after having a falling out with Republican leadership following the election, he reportedly is not bitter and is already moving on with his life.

“He’s not crying on anybody’s shoulders,” said John Miller, a meatpacking magnate who co-chaired Romney’s finance committee. “He’s not blaming anybody … He’s doing a lot of personal introspection about the whole process – and I’m not even sure that’s healthy. There’s nothing you can do about it now.”

Well, other than gossip about Mitt Romney ordering Boston Market for Thanksgiving and changing bedpans, that is.

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20 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Boston Market For Thanksgiving And Cleaning Bedpans”

  1. Ross Edwards

    Is he really doing the "I'm just like the common man" thing? If he thought Olive Garden was fast food, does he consider Boston market to be vending machine food?

  2. Yolanda Velez

    Is he still running for something, because boston market? really?, he must know the ceo. I think he is imagining he's still running, cause there's no other reason he would be doing any of these things if it wasn't to look good. fake mitt at it again to appear like regular people, but for what purpose?

  3. Chad Larson

    other than him being more of a real person,than the idiot in the whitehouse..

  4. Bob McNesby

    D'ya think Mitt would have started with a three week four mil vacation. Well at least all the idiots who voted for him are having to pay, from their taxes, their share of that vacation for Barry, "Fatcakes" and the kiddies.

  5. Steven Kiser Sr.

    yeah the food is bland and dull just like his campaign lol!!

  6. Steven Kiser Sr.

    He is trying to do the 47% he ignored a favor, hey mitt come clean my toilet lol!!!

  7. Daniel Boylan

    Ha ha ha ha! Are you kidding? Stolen election. So you are one of those wingnuts who believe the crazy right wing media. Well, give it up. The election was fair. Romney lost. The people in this country did not want to put an extremely rich man in office who is out of touch with their needs. As my grandfather used to say when he put his gin rummy cards down: "Read 'em and weep!"

  8. Daniel Boylan

    Yolanda Velez: Hey gal, stand up and sing! Chad doesn't get it. Obama came into office after his Senate stint but used to be a U of Chicago law professor who was so popular the administrators begged him to stay. Not really an "idiot". Try again, Chad. Study the situation. Stay away from right wing (biased) media. and listen to "Yolanda". Okay?

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