King Leaves Hospital: Spain's Monarch Juan Carlos Has Hip Surgery

King Leaves Hospital: Spain’s Monarch Juan Carlos Has Hip Surgery

Madrid, Spain – The phrase “King leaves hospital” might hearken memories of another king leaving the building. While not a rock star, Spain’s monarch King Juan Carlos is a celebrity in his own right. The King was given a clean bill of health, leaving the Madrid hospital after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his left hip joint.

Recent polls show that King Juan Carlos has favorable approval ratings throughout Spain. In 2008, the King was considered the most popular leader in all Ibero-America, which explains why the public is so concerned that the King leaves the hospital in good health.

According to International Science Times, King Juan Carlos had previously fractured his hip joint during a controversial elephant hunting safari in Botswana. He was flown back to Spain for the surgery.

Unfortunately, the King might not be leaving the hospital for long. He has suffered from a variety of health issues in the past two years, including knee surgery and the removal of a benign lung tumor.

The King was discharged from the hospital after a nine-day stay. Speaking of his recuperation, the 74-year-old monarch promised to “take things very easy” while joking with reporters on his way out.

Orthopedist Angel Villamor, who supervised the 90-minute surgery, said he convinced King Juan Carlos to remain in the hospital for a few more days so he could do additional physical therapy exercises.

As the King leaves the hospital, an official statement said the King had “very satisfactorily completed the first phase of his rehabilitation”. Madrid hospital officials believed that adding more therapy sessions would “more efficiently and more rapidly” help the King heal.