Jared McLemore's Facebook Live Video Setting Himself On Fire Gets 6,500 Views, Removed From Facebook

Jared McLemore’s Facebook Live Video In Memphis Setting Himself On Fire Gets 6.5K Views, Removed From Facebook

Jared McLemore, pictured below, is the latest name of a person gaining infamy for a horrific and graphic Facebook Live video. Jared took to Facebook Live to pour flammable liquid on himself and set himself on fire. McLemore set himself on fire as the popular musician ran towards a bar where Jared knew his ex-girlfriend worked. Jared ran to the bar in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday evening, showing the entire horrible ordeal to his Facebook Live viewers, according to WREG.

A search Jared McLemore on Google and Facebook results in suggestions for McLemore’s Facebook account, as well as those looking for the Jared from Memphis. The Facebook account of “Ole JRod” now shows the message “Remembering Jared McLemore: We hope people who love Jared will find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.” It does not show the Facebook Live video of Jared setting himself on fire.

However, websites like Heavy, have the graphic YouTube video embedded of McLemore setting himself on fire, and that version of the video alone has swelled to more than 6,500 views on YouTube. Jared first used a can of kerosene and poured it over his body. The video reportedly contains the sounds of witnesses screaming at Jared, as the 33-year-old McLemore ran into the bar.

People tried to use whatever liquids they could to save Jared’s life, but to no avail.

McLemore died of his injuries. According to WREG, Jared had a domestic violence history.

Whereas some of those who saw Jared on fire thought it was a joke, others were quick to act. According to the New York Daily News, one of those quick to act and help save others from harm was Alyssa Moore, Jared’s ex-girlfriend.

An engineer, Alyssa had reportedly broken up with McLemore and had returned to work for the first time since the breakup. Jared allegedly rubbed her arm against his chest to get kerosene on Alyssa as well. When Alyssa went outside and saw Jared set himself on fire, she reportedly held the door open so others could escape the flames of Jared.

A GoFundMe page set up for Alyssa to get trauma therapy recalls the horrific events of that night.

According to the GoFundMe page, Jared said goodbye to Alyssa took her arm and wiped it across his chest and went outside to set himself on fire live on Facebook. Jared reportedly wanted to catch Alyssa on fire, too, by running towards her after he was on fire.

However, Alyssa was able to get away from Jared and block the door until the heat from the flames became too great. As reported by WREG, Jared was previously arrested for strangling Alyssa in August 2016.

Also known as self-immolation, setting oneself on fire is a brutal means of suicide. Jared is receiving comments like the following via social media.

“From what I saw on the vid…which was only a couple of min long, he poured the kerosene on himself @halfway through started to strike a lighter at the same time someone tried to kick it out of his hand but failed…he burst into flames and got up and ran into Murphy’s. Pretty gruesome and sad used to be my hangout in the early 90s.”

“People are almost missing that there were several traumatized people in Murphy’s after this happened. No one mentioned the two times he pulled a gun on her girlfriend either.”

“I watched the video that he set up himself…it was so sad….he did it with no hesitation…”

“He was mentally ill or demon possessed…”

“FIRE… is not my choice… ouch… so sad. I pray for his family.”

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