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Fox Signs ‘The Exorcist’ For A Second Season

It has finally been announced that The Exorcist will be returning to Fox for a second season. At the end of Season 1, fans were skeptically optimistic. There had been no word either way since the finale in December 2016.

The show had a loyal following, which includes several of the Fox top execs, according to Variety. The rating, which was 0.7, was so low that The Exorcist was one of the scripted shows with the lowest ratings. Viewership had dropped from a reported 2.85 million for the premiere to only 1.75 million for the finale. Critics overall liked the show, however, and had good comments.

The Exorcist Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes that told a complete story. The writers had set out to have the story conclude at the end of the season finale, ending any possibility for cliffhangers that last for months at a time. They delivered a comprehensive storyline with lots of twists and shockers for the viewers. Lucky for fans of The Exorcist that show creator, Jeremy Slater, had shared with Deadline at the end of Season 1 that if Fox renewed them, they had more story to tell.

While Jeremy Slater plans to continue with a full story each season, we have no information yet as to what to expect from Season 2 of The Exorcist. He has said that Father Marcus (Ben Daniels) and Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) will be in each season and the Rance family would have a place as well. While the two priests will continue to fight demons, the members of the Rance family are survivors of quite a lengthy history of possession.

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The Exorcist is described by Fox as a psychological thriller and is based on the classic horror movie of the same name. The special effects in The Exorcist Season 1 left quite an impact on viewers. Fans were tuning in each week to watch the story of the two very different priests work to free an innocent teenage girl from possession by a horrible demon that had tortured the Rance family in a previous generation.

Of course, the idea of a season of a show being a stand alone story isn’t a new idea. Ryan Murphy fans have seen this with American Horror Story for several years now. The twist that Jeremy Slater has is keeping the two priests each season in The Exorcist. Viewers will get to know these two characters much better and learn more of their secrets as the years go by. Based on the introduction to the characters, The Exorcist fans will see some shocking moments and decisions made by both men. As opposite as they appear to be, they have so much in common that brings them together as the perfect team.

As for the demon worshipping leaders that had so much influence in the church in Season 1, there have been no hints if viewers will continue to see them in future seasons. It is safe to assume they will have a role, however. Their attempts at control over the two priests was a big part of the story on The Exorcist.

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As more information is released, the Inquisitr will report it to you right away. Make sure to check back with us for all the latest information on The Exorcist and creator Jeremy Slater.

Did you watch The Exorcist last season? Were you hoping to hear it had been picked up for next year? What do you think of each season being its own story? Are you looking forward to getting to know more of the backstory on Father Tomas and Father Marcus? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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