Amber Portwood and Matt Baier at MTV Movie Awards

‘Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood And Fiance Matt Baier Split Up While On Vacation In Los Angeles

According to reports, Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood and fiancé, Matt Baier, have gone their separate ways. The pair were recently part of a scandal in which several women claimed that Baier had been texting them and “getting with them” while he was with Amber Portwood. They also claimed that Amber had scratched and punched Baier and that the pair were on the rocks. One woman even took to Twitter to say that Baier had fathered her child during his relationship with the reality TV star.

The pair, no doubt, have had their share of issues. Although they were set to walk down the aisle a while ago, they decided to back off and wait a little while longer while they worked on their issues. Amber Portwood has previously revealed that she doesn’t trust Baier and that although she wants to spend the rest of her life with him, she still can’t rest easy.

So what drove the pair to finally split after all of this time?

According to The Ashley, Amber has been suspicious of Matt since the leaks in which Matt women have claimed to have been with him during his time with her. Angrily, she demanded he take a polygraph test while they were in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards, which she attended with co-star Kailyn Lowry as her date.

Matt allegedly failed the polygraph test on questions of whether or not he has cheated on Amber Portwood or ever tried to do so. Amber then supposedly sent him packing and told him to be out of the house by the time she returned to Indiana.

Amber Portwood also appeared on Susan Pinksy’s (Dr. Drew Pinsky’s wife) podcast, in which she spoke about her relationship with Matt in the past tense.

“We were engaged for a couple of years, and we had a venue set up for a wedding October 13. Some things have happened over the last couple days so I don’t know,” she says during the interview.

During the show, Amber Portwood also received a psychic reading in which she revealed that something was amiss in her relationship and that Matt has been trying to smooth things over. She, however, doesn’t go into details about what exactly was wrong with it.

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Neither Matt nor Amber Portwood made public statements about the women who claimed he had been with them while their relationship took place, but they both made statements about the claims that Amber had hit, bruised and scratched him until he bled.

“The rumor that’s circulating is both vicious and completely false. I can’t stand by and allow the media or anyone else to undermine the progress that Amber has made in turning her life around, or the relationship we’ve worked hard to build together,” he said.

He went further trying to clarify how the scratches and bruises happened.

“The photo that surfaced is nothing more than the result of some roughhousing amongst my guy friends. I got butt-kicked by a friend and it was well-deserved, I might add. Now someone is trying to use the pic to paint an untrue picture of our life together. Amber would never lay a hand on me, and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life in October,” he said.

Amber Portwood said she was devastated by the allegations, especially since she has worked so hard on her temper and to kick her drug habits. The reality TV star served 24 hours behind bars in 2010 after assaulting her ex, and father of her daughter, Leah, on television. She also was able to get over her drug addiction by serving 17 months in jail.

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