Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Hires Private Investigator To Dig Into Life Of Accuser

Lindsay Lohan has hired a private investigator to uncover any skeletons Tiffany Mitchell might have in her closet. Mitchell is the female who has accused Lohan of assault.

Lohan’s decision comes just after Mitchell hired high-profile lawyer Gloria Allred to represent her after an alleged run-in with Lohan at a New York nightclub.

Sources close to the actress claim that Lohan believes Mitchell made up the assault story for the pure motive of grabbing some fast cash.

Lohan has long claimed that the actions of other people have been meant to cause her financial and emotional ruin, placing the blame for her own actions on other people. Lohan’s snoops say Mitchell hiring Gloria Allred is proof that she is just after Lohan’s money.

A source tells TMZ that Lindsay Lohan is hoping that a private investigator can discover a criminal past for Mitchell or perhaps find another case of “extortion” in an attempt to prove that Mitchell is just after Lohan’s money in civil court.

In the meantime, Lindsay Lohan is once again placing blame on someone else, claiming she only confronted Tiffany Mitchell because she thought Mitchell and a group of friends had stolen her purse.

Lohan will likely undergo a large character assassination should she be forced into a lawsuit. Lohan, it was recently discovered, has allegedly been drinking two liters of vodka per day, and sources say she’s a violent drunk who needs constant supervision while drinking.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is guilty of the attack?