Trump Took 40 Minutes To Get Off Air Force One Sunday Night After Landing

Trump Took 40 Minutes To Get Off Air Force One Sunday: Trump Watched Obama’s Profile In Courage Award Speech?

President Donald Trump can be seen in the above Associated Press image finally stepping off of Air Force One after the presidential plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on Sunday evening, May 7. What’s making news about the trip, wherein Trump returned to D.C. from a weekend trip that included at least one round of golf in New Jersey, as reported by the Inquisitr, is the 40 minutes it took Trump to deplane, well after Jared Kushner already exited the plane.

Nearly everyone has heard of the proverbial husband that might sit in the driveway for 40 minutes or so before coming in the house. However, with President Trump taking 40 minutes to get off of Air Force One after it landed, a bunch of theories are floating around the Interwebs as to why Mr. Trump may have taken so long. First off, the news about Trump taking 40 minutes to deplane Air Force One came directly from the Twitter account of a White House reporter. According to Politico White House reporter Josh Dawsey, President Trump spent 40 minutes after Air Force One landed remaining on the plane.

“Trump remains on Air Force One almost 40 minutes after landing, per pool. Kushner got off plane, came back on, left again and now back on.”

With President Trump taking a long 40 minutes to deplane Air Force One, a movement that could’ve taken only four minutes or so, the White House press notably got suspicious. According to Dawsey in a follow-up tweet about President Trump taking 40 minutes to get off of Air Force One, the reporter noted that Trump’s delay caused Kushner to reassure the waiting press pool that President Trump was fine, after Kushner himself got off of Air Force One, got back on Air Force One, then got off of Air Force One once more, and went back on Air Force One.

Kushner leaves Air Force One. [Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

With all that movement, Kushner was captured in photos like the one above, as the White House senior adviser who is Kushner left Air Force One with his children, Theodore and Joseph, when they arrived via Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on Sunday night. Kusher and his family had traveled with President Trump, according to the Associated Press description of the image, and they all returned to D.C. after spending time with him at the New Jersey golf course that is a Trump property.

“Kushner came over to the press pool, and Trump is finally off plane. ‘Everything is good. He was just working on something,’ he said. Hmm…”

Dawsey’s above tweet reveals his suspicion with the added “Hmm…” at the end, with reporters and the general public wondering what President Trump may have been working on that was so urgent and important that Trump had to leave Air Force One perhaps idling like an SUV in a driveway whilst the task was completed. One can only imagine a flustered son-in-law telling his father-in-law politely that the kids were dog tired and wanted to get home and sleep.

However, social media has its own theories about what President Trump was doing that night.

Profile in Courage
President Barack Obama gets 2017 John F. Kennedy Profile In Courage Award [Image by CJ Gunther-Pool/Getty Images]

As reported by the Washington Post, former President Barack Obama was making a speech on Sunday evening at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, as Mr. Obama accepted the annual Profile in Courage Award. The timing has more than one person writing about Mr. Trump’s 40 minutes on the tarmac.

Feedback beneath Dawsey’s tweet includes the following.

“Actually, from what I’m seeing, the timing lined up nicely with Obama’s speech.”

“Indeed. he was watching & throwing Cheetos at TV.”

“Trumpy wishes he could be everything President Obama is. Classy, Thoughtful, Empathic, Dignified, Real, Beloved.”

If indeed President Trump remained on Air Force One to watch President Obama’s Profile in Courage Award 2017 speech, readied with itchy Twitter fingers to respond, as some folks have theorized, the below video is what Mr. Trump would have watched on Air Force One.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]