Cover for KFC romance novel with Colonel Sanders.

KFC’s First Romance Novella Starring Colonel Harland Sanders Available On Amazon

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, KFC shows they know what a girl wants with the release of their first romance novel. In fact, this is probably the first romance novel from the fast food industry as a whole. And they pulled out all the stops with a buffed Colonel Harland Sanders as the lead hunk in the story.

KFC has decided to blaze new trails with the release of the 96-page novella Tender Wings Of Desire. Colonel Harland Sanders is in his standard outfit, but it is sleeveless to show off his muscles. In the story, his love interest is Lady Madeline Parker and is set in England during Victorian times. Of course, the picture of her in jeans on the cover throws you off a bit.

According to CNBC, business increases by 40 percent every Mother’s Day at KFC. With Moms across America taking the day off, KFC is always happy to feed the family. The newest campaign KFC plans to run for Mother’s Day is the $20 Fill-Up. They are hoping the family meal will be the most popular thing on the KFC menu for Mother’s Day. The release of the novel is just in time for Mother’s Day as well. KFC is hoping the novel draws attention to them for a Mother’s Day meal for the whole family.

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As for Tender Wings Of Desire, you can order it for free from Amazon and download it. KFC does have plans for 100 hardcopies to be given out on Facebook, however. Readers will learn that Colonel Harold Sanders, a passionate sailor, is a man of mystery with a secret past. Lady Madeline Parker is in a loveless betrothal and becomes very taken with the sexy sailor. She has to choose which man is the one for her.

Excerpts from the book show that the author, Colonel Sanders, has some steamy moments that stop just a bit short of X-rated. Any women that may have a thing for the white-haired KFC’s Colonel Sanders, will finally see him in a role where he has a chance to show his sex appeal.

Amazon users have given the book four out of five stars. Cute comments making reference to chicken are sprinkled throughout the reviews left by the ones who have downloaded the KFC romance novel. Of course, there are always the nay-sayers as well.

KFC has been known to take chances and change up in their marketing. Major revisions were implemented when they started changing the one in the Colonel Sanders’ outfit. With each actor came a whole new personality. Some were met with less enthusiastic feedback by fans on social media, however. This new novel that is focused toward mothers, is another bold marketing plan. KFC has broken new ground in the marketing competition within the fast food industry.

Start off your year with what’s truly important: being close with loved foods.

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We will have to wait and see if KFC and Colonel Sanders achieve the success they are looking for with this next step in advertising. If it is successful, we can expect to see a Father’s Day promotion as well. As for Mother’s Day, however, all the Dads out there left to figure out the meal for the day, let KFC handle it for you. And don’t forget to order the steamy romance novel for Mom to relax and read on her big day.

What do you think of KFC having a romance novel based on Colonel Sanders? Will you read it or are you waiting for the movie? Are you planning on KFC for Mother’s Day? If so, original or crispy? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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