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Tiffany Ava Mitchell, Lindsay Lohan’s Fight Victim, Won’t Leave House

Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the woman with whom Lindsay Lohan brawled earlier this week before her arrest for misdemeanor third-degree assault Thursday, sustained a few injuries in the melee, her husband says.

Wayne Stevens is the husband of Tiffany Ava Mitchell, and he has spoken to press about Lohan’s attack — through the intercom at the couple’s New York City apartment.

According to Stevens, wife Tiffany Ava Mitchell is trying to lay low after dealing with the fallout of the catfight, but he spoke to ABC News, although he declined to invite the team up for a cup of tea. Stevens says Mitchell is in hiding and physically bears the marks of Lohan’s alleged attack, telling the network:

“We don’t even want to leave the house at this moment … She’s all swollen … Her cheek is swollen … She’s pretty aggravated.”

Stevens says he doesn’t know why Lohan allegedly attacked Tiffany Ava Mitchell at the NYC nightclub, relating that the tensions “just escalated because someone else had a brawl,” and the troubled starlet “went and pushed [his] wife pretty hard.”

He adds:

“I don’t even know why she pushed her … And we didn’t realize who it even was. Five minutes later, she comes around and tells my wife, ‘If I need space,’ and then she just punched her.”

After the brawl, Lohan also fell out with her assistant Gavin Doyle. Doyle later tweeted:

Tiffany Ava Mitchell reportedly did not require medical attention after the Lohan dustup.