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Funeral For Kenny Mosher, Victim In Deadly Accident With ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules

The accident involving Bachelor alum Chris Soules has been in the headlines a lot lately. Each day new details have come out. It isn’t as simple as a hit and run after an alcohol-related accident as was first thought.

Chris Soules has retained an attorney that is working diligently to prepare to prove Chris is not guilty of the only charge he has faced so far – leaving the scene of an accident. Of course, there is the expectation that more charges could soon follow.

As we all learned during Chris’s time on The Bachelor, he lives in a very small and rural town in Iowa. His neighbor, 66-year-old Kenny Mosher was driving a small John Deere tractor when he was rear-ended, causing him to leave the road and go into a ditch. He died from the injuries he sustained in the crash, leaving the community in mourning.

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Chris Soules and his family knew Kenny Mosher and his family and had for years. According to Radar Online, Chris and his family did not attend the wake for Kenny Mosher, however. There are claims that family and friends in attendance were upset that the former Bachelor nor his family showed up to pay respect and take responsibility for Chris’s involvement in the death of Mr. Mosher.

Funeral details for Kenny Mosher

The funeral for Kenny Mosher is today in Oelwein at the Geilenfeld Funeral Home, and then he will be laid to rest in the Madison Township Cemetary near Aurora. Chris Soules has not said if he or his family will attend.

There is a lot of controversy regarding the story. The social media storm surrounding the terrible accident has brought out a lot of support for Chris Soules, but a lot of folks are weighing in for justice in the death of Kenny Mosher.

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Bachelor Nation has always seen Chris Soules as the wholesome farmer. In the aftermath of the fatal accident, many details have come to light. The history of Chris Soules’s drinking and legal troubles have left enough of an impact on some that they no longer view him as the catch they had before.

There are many details that have yet to be revealed. With the recent legal maneuver by Chris Soules’s lawyers to require the investigators to not get rid of any communication related to the case, we can expect to hear a lot in the near future. They have requested not only emails and case notes but also text messages. The many sources of information will lead to a wide array of details as the case unfolds.

An entire community has been impacted by the loss of Kenny Mosher

Regardless of how this all turns out for Chris Soules, his neighbor Kenny Mosher has lost his life. The farming community they live in is saying goodbye to one of their own. It is a sad situation for everyone involved and will have a lasting effect on the close-knit community.

This story is far from over for Chris Soules, his family and the family of Kenny Mosher. There will be surprising details unveiled as the information is sorted out. You will be able to catch all the latest here at Inquisitr. Make sure to check back for the most up-to-date details as they are released.

Share your thoughts on the fatal car crash in the comments. Do you feel Chris Soules is getting unbiased press in the coverage? Is he being given more benefit of the doubt because of his time on The Bachelor or held to the same standard as anyone else in his situation?

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