'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 88 featured the return of Ultimate Gohan.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 88 Recap And Review: Ultimate Gohan Comes Back As Lady Broly Gets Introduced

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 has just aired, and needless to say, it was a lot more satisfying than the anime’s past couple of episodes. While the last two DBS episodes were rather weak in terms of plot, Ep 88 managed to cover a lot of development among the principal characters in the Tournament of Power. Over the course of Ep 88, Gohan was able to unlock his Ultimate Form, while the highly-anticipated Female Legendary Super Saiyan also made her debut.

Episode 88 was a bit different than the anime’s past few episodes in the way that Goku’s recruitment for the upcoming multiverse battle royale was not the focus of the episode. Instead, it dealt with the training of some of the key Universe 7 fighters as they prepared for the Tournament of Power. Needless to say, things turned out extremely well.

From Dragon Ball Super Episode 88’s preview alone, it was evident that the episode would be focusing on Gohan and Piccolo’s training, and the anime definitely delivered. From the onset of the episode, the veteran Namekian laid the gauntlet to the Saiyan, stating that he would be training the young fighter past his limits, including his level back in Dragon Ball Z when he faced Evil Buu in his base form, according to noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. Piccolo immediately addressed what avid fans of the franchise have noticed over the past few months — Gohan has gotten weaker, and he must break his limitations once more to become the fighter that he once was.

Piccolo even had a couple of Senzu beans for Gohan, showing the fighter that he would not be afraid to go all out just to get the young warrior back to fighting form. While Gohan was able to give Piccolo a fight with his Super Saiyan form, the veteran Namekian was able to overpower Goku’s firstborn son easily. Even while Gohan showed some enthusiasm, he ended up getting knocked around by his former master.

It was then that Piccolo revealed Gohan’s most prominent weakness. While the young Saiyan was incredibly powerful on his own, his desire to protect absolutely everyone actually holds him back from fighting freely. If Gohan fights confidently, however, the young fighter has a tendency to let his guard down, just like what happened when he started overpowering Evil Buu. During that fight, Gohan got overconfident, resulting in the Saiyan getting absorbed by the formidable villain.

Eventually, both master and student ended up fighting seriously, with Gohan reaching his Ultimate Form, enabling him to battle his master with his full power. Even after Piccolo produced multiple clones of himself to overwhelm the Saiyan, Gohan had no problem overpowering each of them. As a final blow, Gohan chopped off Piccolo’s arm, seemingly winning the match. Just as when it seemed that the young fighter had won, however, Piccolo counterattacked him from behind.

At the end of the two fighters’ sparring match, Gohan and Piccolo agreed to come up with combination attacks that they could utilize in the Tournament of Power. Nevertheless, Piccolo also stated that Gohan still has a lot of room for improvement. With nine and a half hours left in the tournament, it seems that the Universe 7 fighters are slowly coming together.

While Gohan and Piccolo’s segment in Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 was interesting, however, many fans in online forums such as Reddit also lauded the recently aired episode due to its introduction of the franchise’s first canonical female Super Saiyan. As revealed by DBS Ep 88, the first female SSJ belongs to Universe 6, and she appears to have some sort of relationship with Cabba, Vegeta’s self-proclaimed protege.

In a brief segment in the anime, Cabba went back to his master, Renso, in order to ask him to join the Tournament of Power. As it turned out, however, Renso is already out of commission due to a leg injury. As his replacement, Cabba’s former master suggested that the Universe 6 Saiyan recruit his sister instead. According to Renso, his sister, Cauliflowa, might seem like a regular thug, but she has tons of potential. If the previews are any indication, Renso’s words about his sister will prove to be a gross understatement.

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