Halle Berry Selling Thanksgiving Brawl Home

Halle Berry Selling Hollywood Home Where Thanksgiving Brawl Happened

Halle Berry is selling her Hollywood home where the now-infamous Thanksgiving brawl took place between her ex, Gabriel Aubry, and her fiance Olivier Martinez.

The actress’s house, a 5,900-square-foot, five-bedroom mansion, is up for sale for $15 million, reports TMZ. The property was quietly listed by Berry a few weeks ago when the actress gave a prominent realtor a pocket listing — which is essentially a fancy term for a property that isn’t advertised.

The broker, Billy Rose, is with the high-end company, called The Agency. He owned Halle Berry’s house 10 years ago, renovated it, and sold it to Frankie Munz, who in turn sold it to the actress.

Rose has quietly put out feelers for Halle Berry’s Hollywood “Thanksgiving brawl” home, seeing if other realtors or potential buyers would be interested in it. Halle reportedly got a $11 million offer for the home, but is holding out for more.

The New York Post notes that the house includes a big backyard, 1,400-square-foot guest house, a pool and spa, as well as the famous motor court (fancy driveway) where Aubry and Martinez attempted to knock each other out on Thanksgiving morning.

The knowledge that Halle Berry is selling her Hollywood home adds fuel to the rumors that she may still be trying to move to France with her daughter, Nahla, despite the bitter custody battle between he rand Aubry.

A recent court decision blocked Berry from being able to take Nahla to France with her, where her fiance is from. The latest fight development, however, could play a role in changing that.

Would you consider buying Halle Berry’s Hollywood “Thanksgiving brawl” house for $15 million?

Halle Berry Selling Thanksgiving Brawl Home