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Sophia Loren: Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Star At 78

sophia loren plastic surgery

Sophia Loren still looks great at 78, and now a prominent plastic surgeon has weighed in on how the star may have battled aging — with a bit of help.

Sophia Loren has been in the limelight for more than fifty years — and in a culture where age spells the end of fame for many women, that’s a big deal.

But while Loren still looks fab, a cosmetic surgeon speculates that she may have had a little help along the way — about $50,000 worth of it, in his professional opinion.

RadarOnline consulted surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who hasn’t treated Sophia Loren — because otherwise, he’d be unable to dish. However, as the actress is not a patient, Youn can make some educated guesses, and he thinks that she may have had some work done.

According to the surgeon, Sophia Loren’s well-preserved countenance may be down to a few nips, tucks and fillers, and he explains:

“I believe that she’s had at least $50,000 worth of plastic surgery to keep her looking so good … Her jaw-line is unnaturally sharp for a near-octogenarian. This is the possible result of a well-performed facelift or two. Although her lips are plump, she doesn’t sport a trout pout like some of her contemporaries. I suspect that she’s had injections of a filler like Juvederm.”

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Youn adds:

“It also appears that she might have undergone an upper and lower eyelid lift, to keep her eyelids refreshed-looking. Fat injections to her cheeks may have prevented her from getting the sunken look of many women her age. Laser treatments and chemical peels may also play a part in her smooth skin, in addition to some possible Botox in her forehead … I also think she may sport a pair of breast implants to help keep her ample-chested as she nears the twilight of her years. Because they last approximately 20 years, it’s possible that she’s had more than one pair.”

Do you think Sophia Loren looks fantastic as she approaches 80?

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4 Responses to “Sophia Loren: Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On Star At 78”

  1. João Vasques

    Sophia Loren is a global icon of beauty and talent, is still very beautiful. I am a painter and designer portraits of southern Brazil, and Sophia Loren has always been my source of inspiration when I'm in front of the screen. Unfortunately she was recently in Brazil, and I had the privilege to know her peçoalmente because it would greatly vice pictures that I painted it with great passion. If anyone who reads this post and has contact with Sophia wish she knew the paintings that I mentioned, are posted on my facebook. Big hug to all and humbly appreciate any help.

  2. Nathan Pretlow

    Well if Sophia Loren had plastic Surgery she looks great at 78.she looks way better than other movie stars who look like zombies…lol.

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