Star is not planning on pregnancy

Is Kim Kardashian Attempting To Get Pregnant To One-Up Beyonce? Despite Reports, No She Is Not

The Bey Hive was no doubt all abuzz when Beyonce announced she was expecting twins. For days and even weeks following, Bey and Jay Z made headlines regarding the happy news. The power couple has been the subject of speculation over the years that perhaps the marriage between the two was on the rocks, yet the announcement solidified that they are as strong as ever.

Another power couple have been in the tabloid headlines in regard to relationship issues. Kim K and her rapper hubby Kanye seemed to have experienced a rocky patch following the burglary in Paris during which Kardashian was tied up and robbed in her hotel room. Jewelry amounting to millions of dollars was stolen and the emotional impact and affects Kim experienced led her to stay out of the spotlight. Kardashian still hasn’t fully emerged back into the public eye as she once had, since the terrible event.

However, despite reports of trouble in the marriage, Kanye and Kim appear to be solid and rumors have swirled that the reality star is even antsy to have another baby to one-up Beyonce and Jay Z. Life & Style has even gone so far as to allege that Kim K is so jealous of Beyonce that she constantly spends her time comparing herself to the superstar and also has devised this plan to become pregnant as a means to steal the singer’s spotlight.

Gossip Cop shares the details of this recent tale.

“Life & Style, which has published an astonishing number of verifiably wrong stories about Kardashian, now claims the reality star is ‘so jealous’ of Beyonce that she’s devised a plan to one-up’ the singer, who she believes is “stealing the spotlight away from her.” And what is that? A so-called ‘insider’ tells the tabloid that Kardashian is going to have a ‘third baby… even though doctors told her it could be life-threatening.'”

The tabloid goes on to state that the reality star has anxiety and is panicking over becoming pregnant again because she has struggled to in the past and even while pregnant experienced complications. The publication then references Kim’s words in an episode of KUWTK when she discusses that in order to become pregnant again, she would need to have a surgical procedure.

Gossip Cop has dismissed this ridiculous story that pits Beyonce against Kim Kardashian. A source close to Kim shares that this is an out-and-out lie, calling it “insane” and has simply been fabricated since Kim discussed her difficulties with conceiving and health concerns. Tabloids do nothing better than drumming up false stories and feuds based on very little or nothing at all.

Life & Style has been the culprit in false news about Kim K before, including the story which stated that she was leaving the reality show that has put her family on the map and another which alleged Kanye had dumped her while the star was pregnant with Saint.

As it stands, Bey and Kim K are on fine terms, and there is no comparison being drawn between Kanye’s wife and the singer. The story made absolutely no sense, seeing as Kim becoming pregnant again would not one- up Beyonce seeing as she has already been pregnant twice.

Although Kim has toned down her social media presence as of late, when the star steps out for events, she sure maintains the spotlight in her choice of ensemble. Kardashian’s most recent attire when she was snapped as she arrived at a friend’s house for dinner, showed off her slim figure and barely contained her because it was so revealing, as the Sun noted.

“Revealing her slim waist in the skintight light blue material, Kim appeared to go braless with just a thin panel covering her modesty.The leotard ended in sheer lace shorts framing the stunner’s legs, and she continued to show of her latest hair style as it fell dead straight to her shoulders.”

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