Woman Assaults Boyfriend Bad Sex

Florida Woman Assaults Boyfriend For Bad Sex

Bradenton, FL — A woman has been arrested after the assaulted her boyfriend for bad sex. The assault took place on Monday at the couple’s residence.

The woman, 24-year-old Raquel Gonzalez, was engaged in sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Esric Davis, when he climaxed before her, reports The Daily Mail.

Gonzalez was arrested on Monday afternoon and booked for felony domestic battery. Bond was set at $750 by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. According to the Sheriff’s office report, the couple are “boyfriend and girlfriend who live in the same home and are involved in a sexual relationship.”

The Smoking Gun, who obtained the police report, added that the woman was only prompted to assault her boyfriend when he finished before her in a sexual encounter the two engaged in on Monday. Deputies note that the pair were “involved in sexual intercourse,” when “Esric then climaxed and Raquel did not.”

While is may be disappointing, the situation Raquel found herself in is not necessarily worth the felony assault charge she received. Despite the potential consequences, however, the report states that she “began hitting and scratching [Davis], causing scratches near his eye and nose.”

Davis told investigators that it wasn’t the first time his girlfriend had gone off on him, adding that she had been physical with him in the past (though the report doesn’t say why). The sheriff’s report states that alcohol may have played a factor in the assault.

As for the woman who assaulted her boyfriend for bad sex? Gonzalez complained that Davis also injured her during the struggle, adding “I have scratches on me too from where he tried to restrain me when I lost it.”

Do you think assault is an appropriate reaction for bad sex, or could Raquel Gonzalez have handled the situation better?