Man Kills Live On Facebook

Elderly Man Killed On Facebook Live – Clip Goes Viral As Cops Hunt Steve Stephens

The manhunt is on for Steve Stephens, a man who posted a clip of himself killing an elderly man live on Facebook today. The Facebook account with the killing video has since been taken down, but NBC News reports they have archived them before that was able to happen. Another website, not only saved the graphic clips, but they have posted them for others to view.

People are also posting this video to their social media sites, so this disturbing clip it is still out there being viewed by the masses. The authorities are in high gear trying to hunt down this cold-blooded killer, who was driving in his car and pulled up to the curb near an elderly man walking along the sidewalk. Stephens got out of the car and shot this man with the same amount of emotion one would use to go grocery shopping.

According to NBC News Steve Stephens is considered armed and dangerous as police and the FBI embark on a manhunt after viewing these clips. Stephens killed this unidentified elderly man live on Facebook and he bragged about numerous other murders he had recently committed, which were as recent as today. So far, police have only found one victim, none of the others he has bragged about have been located.

The homicide, which Stephens broadcast live on the social media site, occurred in northeast Cleveland near the shore of Lake Erie. Police also found a series of posts on Facebook coming from Stephens, who sounds like a very disturbed and disgruntled man.

Stephens claimed he had lost everything to “gambling” and he requested specific people by name to talk to. In one of his earlier posts he claimed that he “killed 12 people today,” then later on, in another post, that number jumped to 15, according to NBC News.

The website The Heavy has also downloaded the video, which is extremely graphic and disturbing. In the video you hear Stephens talking as he approaches an elderly man that is seen on the screen. Stephens asks the man if he knows a woman and then he names her by name. He also asks the man how old he is as he points the gun at the unsuspecting gentleman.

Before Stephens pulls the trigger he tells this elderly man that the reason this is happening to him is because of the woman, and he names her once more. The expression on the victim’s face turns to horror and he holds up a shopping bag as if to protect himself from what is about to happen. The gun goes off and the video shows this elderly man lying on a blood spattered sidewalk.

In the beginning of the video, Stephens approaches this elderly gentleman who was doing nothing but walking along the sidewalk in an area that looked like it was in front of a vacant lot. The unsuspecting victim’s slow pace and methodical gate was like that of someone up in years.

The man was minding his own business, probably coming back from the store, as he carried one shopping bag with him. He was dressed in a baseball cap, had glasses on, and he was wearing a blue flannel shirt. He seemed kind enough to stop to talk to Stephens when he was first approached, but he had no way of knowing something horrific was about to happen to him. Stephens asks if he can talk to him for a minute.

It was in a matter of seconds from the time Stephens approached this man to the time Stephens scanned the video to the man’s body laying on the sidewalk. You can see in the video that Stephens aimed the gun at the man’s head before pulling the trigger. According to The Heavy, Stephens randomly picked out this elderly man, who was just walking down the street alone.

The requests he made on the Facebook posts were to talk to his mother and another woman, which is the woman he had named to the elderly victim. The other woman he named was the person he blamed for killing 15 people in an event that he dubbed his “Easter Day Slaughter.”

As of now, police have stressed that there have been no other victims found. The account was removed from Facebook, but as with anything put online, it’s been downloaded and is still found in various places across the internet. Stephens is described as a black man, six-feet, one-inch tall and weighing approximately 244 pounds. He is bald, but sports a full beard, according to NBC News.

Stephens was last seen driving a white, or cream colored sports utility vehicle and he was described as wearing a polo shirt that was either black or dark blue with gray strips. He is armed and dangerous.

[Featured Image by Cleveland Police/AP Images]