Find all the Easter 2017 store hours right here.

Easter 2017 Hours: What Restaurant And Stores Are Open On April 16? Find A Full List Here

What restaurants and stores are open on Easter 2017?

If you’re looking to go out for a family dinner on April 16 or might need to pick up some last-minute supplies for your own celebration, it can be pretty difficult. Many stores and restaurants are closed for the holiday, while others are open but may be on limited hours.

That can make it tricky if you’re trying to run errands or looking for a restaurant to head out to, but you can find all the answers right here. Below is a list of what’s open and what’s closed on Easter 2017, including which restaurants will be open for families looking to go out for a holiday meal.

What’s closed on Easter 2017

Those looking to mail a letter, head out to the bank, or stop at government offices will be out of luck on Easter Sunday — but that’s a given. Because the holiday is on Sunday, all the offices normally closed on the weekend will remain closed. Most will be open again on Monday, so there won’t be too long to wait before you can get to the DMV or the post office.

All major banks will be closed as well, including Bank of America, Chase, M&T Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, PNC, and Sun Bank. Those who need to perform some simple banking functions on Easter 2017, like making a deposit or transferring funds, will be able to go to “smart” ATMs, but these won’t go through until Monday.

What restaurants are open on Easter 2017

If you’re looking to head out to a restaurant on Easter, the choices will be somewhat limited. Many are closed down so employees can celebrate the holiday with their families, while others may have limited hours.

Here is a list of restaurants that will be open on Easter (via TIME).

Applebee’s — Open on Easter, but hours may be limited.

Bob Evans — Open regular hours.

Buffalo Wild Wings — Open regular hours.

Burger King — Open on Easter, but some locations may have limited hours.

Denny’s — Open on Easter, including 24-hour locations.

Golden Corral — Open regular hours.

Hooters — Open on Easter, but some locations will have limited hours.

IHOP — Open on Easter, but some locations will have limited hours.

McDonald’s — Limited locations will be open on Easter, but most locations closed.

Olive Garden — Open on Easter, but some locations have limited hours.

Outback Steakhouse — Open on Easter, but some locations have limited hours.

Red Lobster — Open regular hours.

Starbucks — Open regular hours.

White Castle — Open regular hours.

There may be other small or locally owned restaurants that may be open on Easter, but it’s best to call ahead and check.

What stores are open on Easter 2017?

For anyone looking to make a few stops on Easter, it may be a bit difficult. Many grocery stores are closed the entire day, while others are open. The same is true of department and big-box stores.

Here is a list of what stores are open on Easter.


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The means a number of major stores will actually be closed on Easter, including Target, Dillard’s, Macy’s, JC Penney, Costco, Sam’s club, and Publix supermarkets.

There will be many other attractions open on Easter. Movie theaters will be open, hoping to catch a bit of traffic after people have finished finding their Easter baskets and ending their family meals. But many other attractions — including most museums and amusement parks — will be closed for Easter Sunday.

Those who want more information on what stores or restaurants are open on Easter 2017 can check here for more lists from

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