Chris Brown thinks he's Tupac

He Went There: Chris Brown Compares Himself To Tupac Shakur

Chris Brown is sad that Tupac Shakur is dead, because he’s the only guy he can relate to right now.

Chris Brown is done with Twitter, with some even calling for a lifetime ban to be imposed on him following his “verbal rape” rant against humorist Jenny Johnson. But there’s good news for #teambreezy, in that Brown’s social media presence hasn’t completely disappeared yet. Brown has now taken to Instagram as his attention-whoring and sympathy-garnering social network of choice.

Even though he beat Rihanna in 2009, even though he has remained unapologetic for his bad attitude, even though he throws temper tantrums like a 4-year-old, and even though he threw some of the most disgusting, misogynistic insults at Jenny Johnson ever committed to Twitter, Brown is still playing the “me against the world” card, which really only has one purpose: To get us to feel sorry for him.

On his Instagram, Brown posted a picture of the late Tupac Shakur with the caption:

“That awkward moment when the only person u can relate to in the world is dead.”

But what exactly do the two have in common, aside from being famous musicians? Does Chris Brown want our pity because he’s a famous singer? A guy who admittedly makes great R&B music that’s only enjoyable if you can ignore everything else about him? Is Brown calling himself a fallen icon?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure. Chris Brown’s greatest victim isn’t Rihanna. It’s Chris Brown. Though it seems like a long-shot at this point, we’re still hoping he wakes up one morning with an ounce of self-awareness and penitence. American culture is great because we love a train wreck, but we love a good redemption story too. Quit digging yourself deeper, Breezy. That’s the best advice you’re going to get from anyone.