April the Giraffe labor updates and latest Animal Adventure Park news as calf's birth draws near

April The Giraffe Labor Updates: Animal Adventure Park Shares New Photo Of Udders, Watch Live Cam

Update! April the Giraffe has given birth! Watch the Live Giraffe Cam via Facebook and YouTube.

Please be patient while the Facebook videos download. If you missed the birth, you are in luck. You may watch the live stream of the giraffe cam featuring April and her newborn calf in the video playlist above. The Facebook live videos below show the calf’s birth from a different angle.

April the giraffe is still pregnant, but new photos shared by the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) show the birth of her calf is near. Though countless people have waited for April to enter active labor and deliver her calf live online since the giraffe cam first streamed on Feb. 10, this time, we can be certain that birth is soon. The confusion regarding April the giraffe’s due date stemmed from miscalculations with her conception as well as changes in her udders. It was previously believed she had produced milk, an event that typically occurs two days before active labor, according to the Australasian Zookeeping’s Giraffe Husbandry Manual. The Animal Adventure Park confirmed new changes in April’s udders in an earlier update this week. You may see the new photo of April’s udders below. If you aren’t watching the live giraffe cam, you may see it in the video player below as well.

You may read more about the confusion regarding April’s due date and belief that she was producing milk and had lost the wax caps from her udders in the article below. You may also compare photos captured throughout April’s pregnancy revealing the many changes she has gone through.

Watch April the Giraffe Live via the YouTube Cam

The video player above contains the official YouTube giraffe cam live stream, as well as other videos shared by the Animal Adventure Park. You can see behind-the-scenes footage, explore the giraffe barn, and see the stall where April will soon give birth. You can also meet April’s 5-year-old boyfriend Oliver who lives in the stall next to April. The Animal Adventure Park recently did a live update and featured several videos with Oliver. You may watch those videos as they streamed live on Facebook below.

The Inquisitr was first to report on April the giraffe and at the time we spoke with the Animal Adventure Park, we were told her birth was an open-ended imminence. Now, with all signs pointing to active labor beginning soon, imminence has taken on new meaning. Will April the giraffe have an Easter calf?

As April the giraffe’s birth of her calf draws near, more people are expressing fear and concern they will miss the birth. This is often seen when the Animal Adventure Park takes April outside for yard time. Now that the snow has melted and warmer weather is here, the AAP staff has taken April out and some have worried she might go into active labor and deliver her calf outside in the yard. This would be devastating for the hundreds of thousands who have watched the live giraffe cam faithfully for months. In one of the Animal Adventure Park’s latest updates on April, they stated she will not deliver her calf outside and away from the giraffe cam. Should active labor begin while April is outside, she’ll be taken back to the giraffe barn and will deliver in her stall. In addition to the live YouTube feed, the Animal Adventure Park will have a professional team on hand to videotape the calf’s birth.

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If you’ve followed the live giraffe cam, you may have noticed that it has down time. This has posed other problems as many people have watched video loops instead of watching the live cam’s stream. The video player above features the live stream, but if it goes offline, it will be replaced with the new feed once the Animal Adventure Park uploads it. You won’t need to worry that the video in the playlist is not live as long as you click on the button next to the word live. When the video is live, the button will turn red. You may find that when watching the live feed, it buffers and your video ends up dragging or slows down. When this happens you might need to click the live button in order to skip ahead to the feed. You can find out more tips for ensuring you’re watching the live giraffe cam’s current feed below.

The Animal Adventure Park is planning a natural, unassisted labor, delivery, and birth for April’s calf. Once she is in the giraffe stall, they will have a hands-off approach and only intervene if an emergency warrants it.

How did you first hear about April the giraffe? When did you first watch the live giraffe cam? Have you lost interest in the upcoming live birth and April’s active labor or are you still excited to watch online? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Lukiyanova Natalia Frenta/Shutterstock]