Mitt Romney Confetti Documents

Mitt Romney Security Documents Turned Into Macy’s Day Parade Confetti

Mitt Romney’s personal security documents that outlined details about his motorcade and other details were turned into Macy’s Day Parade Confetti. Officials are now investigating how the shredded documents ended up on Manhattan sidewalks.

Eyewitness Saul Finkelstein was the first person to notice that the Nassau County Police Department’s documents ended up on the streets and in the cracks of sidewalks next to Central Park.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the documents included names, social security numbers, and even bank account information for Nassau County police officers and employees.

According to Reuters:

“Other scraps included information about Mitt Romney’s motorcade to and from the October 16 presidential debate at Hofstra University in Nassau County, which borders New York City to the east on Long Island.”

Nassau County Police Department officials are not yet sure how the documents escaped their care and found their way to the streets of Manhattan.

The “confetti” from the police department was made of shredded pieces of white paper, far different than the mass produced multicolored confession created by Macy’s. The Macy’s confetti is also torn into bits and not shredded.

Finkelstein says parade inspectors, rather than taking the shredded paper home with them, began throwing the documents at one another. Traditionally multi-colored Macy’s Day Parade confetti is collected as a souvenir

Officials were sent to collect pieces of the paper still strewn throughout New York City, and Finkelstein says officials came to his home to collect the documents he picked up off the ground.

While the Mitt Romney security documents pose no risk to the former GOP Presidential hopeful, they could possibly reveal security protocol facts about future motorcade patrols.