Brad Pitt Donated $1,100 To British Hospital For Neonatal Unit

Brad Pitt Donated $1,100 To British Hospital For Neonatal Unit

Brad Pitt has a habit of killing people with kindness.

According to TODAY, the ever-so-generous actor, who was filming his upcoming film World War Z in London on Thanksgiving, donated $1,100 to Southhampton Hospital’s neonatal unit in Dorset, England.

According to the BBC, Pitt made the on-the-spot donation when Tricia Wilson-Hughes, a woman who was raising money for the neonatal unit where a friend’s baby was treated, was collecting money from the movie’s film crew on behalf of the medical facility.

Hughes said that she was worried that the filming might impact the fundraising event on Saturday and wanted to see if the actor could help. She said:

“I wasn’t too bothered if I didn’t see Brad Pitt… [but] I felt I had to do something for the charity.”

Hughes approached Pitt’s security guard to see if he would be willing to pitch in a few bucks. The guard then proceeded to make his way over to ask Pitt, then returned minutes later with the his generous contribution.

Hughes told the BBC said:

“I couldn’t believe it, I was completely dumbstruck. He said if he had more he would have given it. I said honestly that is more than enough, but if he wants to do anything in the future that is absolutely fine. You hear negative stories about A-listers but I won’t hear a wrong word against him, I am in awe of him.”

Pitt’s security guard said that the actor was planning to hold his own whip round of the crew and send a donation to the hospital from Los Angeles.