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Dolly Parton Responds To Rumors: Sorry, But I’m Not Gay

Dolly Parton has been the subject of several rumors over the years. The most persistent is that she’s secretly gay with her childhood friend Judy Ogle.

Well, Dolly addressed some of those rumors during a recent interview with Nightline. The country singer said that she loves Ogle as much as any other person in the world but insisted that they do not have a romantic relationship. Parton, who has been married for 46 years to Carl Dean, said that people just can’t seem to understand how two women can be so close without being in a sexual relationship.

Parton said:

“Like Gail, (Oprah’s) friend, and Judy, my friend, they just think that you just can’t be that close to somebody. Judy and I have been best friends since we were like in the third and fourth grade… We still just have a great friendship and relationship and I love her as much as I love anybody in the whole world, but we’re not romantically involved.”

Parton was a little more coy when it came to answering other questions about her love life. Parton may be in a loving marriage at the moment but she also has been accused of having a rather promiscuous past.

Parton said:

“I’ve… been accused of being involved with every man I’m ever seen with or worked with. Maybe I have, maybe I ain’t. I never tell if I have. But you know people always saying that.”

You can watch Dolly Parton’s full interview tonight on Nightline.