Kanye brings Kim to visit mother's grave

Kanye West Brings Kim Kardashian To Visit Mother’s Grave On Fifth Anniversary Of Her Death

Five years after his mother’s death, Kanye West feels Kim Kardashian is worthy enough to bring to her grave.

West spent Thanksgiving with his girlfriend’s family, and then brought Kardashian back to Oklahoma City to spend time at his mother’s gravesite almost exactly five years after she was buried.

A source told RadarOnline, “Kanye brought Kim to Oklahoma City the day after Thanksgiving to pay respects to his mother and to meet his mother’s side of the family.”

The source said this was the first time that side of the family has met Kardashian.

The couple flew out of LAX Friday and left Oklahoma City Saturday, and somehow managed to stay relatively under the radar during their visit.

“This was a really monumental moment for Kanye because he adored his mother,” another source said. “He wouldn’t have brought Kim there unless he was completely in love with her.”

Donda West passed away at age 58 in November 2007 due to complications from plastic surgery procedures. She was buried in her hometown later in the month.

Earlier this month, the surgeon who conducted Donda West’s procedure addressed her death in an interview and said she died of pulmonary aspiration.

Dr. Jan Adams said he didn’t regret operating on the rapper’s mother, and he was cleared of any wrongdoing. But he did surrender his medical license after a series of DUIs. He was planning to fight to get his license back, and expected to have it within 30 days.

Adams also wrote a book about the experience called The Other Side of the Fire. He said he hasn’t spoken to Kanye West directly about the death, but he didn’t feel the need to.

What do you think of Kanye bring Kim to his mother’s grave? Do you think the surgeon should be held responsible for her death?